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  • Haha! I think it was NOT enough coffee in my system yet!

  • i thought it was scotch thats why he hit the tree :)  sorry Keven great videos

  • So coffee doesn't stop the tree crashes.

  • sadly, i don't have one yet. 

  • GOPRO2 medium FOV works great on a quad!

  • @steve, i updated the post with a photo showing how the gopro is mounted on the frame. there are several layers of neoprene tape to slow down any vibration that get through the frame. it works fairly well, the next step is to find an alternate configuration where i can put the camera to remove the props. i'd like to have both options since i do like seeing the props when doing "fun" parkflying.

  • @ryan, haha! that was actually a lot of "fun."

    @johann, i have the camera mounted on a piece of ply with several layers of neoprene tape so it's dampened. that could be why it seems there's a head tracker.

  • Are you doing anything to remove vibration to the camera? Great flying! Love my OP boards

  • I like your first flight into the tree better!

  • Johann, I've spent a lot of time tuning and balancing. I am not using a head tracker here and just using the gopro output right now since I am waiting for a dedicated fpv camera.
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