New 3D Robotics product: u-blox LEA-6H GPS

3689466555?profile=originalHi everyone! I'm very happy to announce our new u-blox based GPS board. The development teams and 3D Robotics have been working on this GPS unit for some time, and we have seen very good results on ArduPlane, ArduCopter and ArduRover. The Sparkfun AVC and the Quadcopter Rodeo were excellent opportunities to observe this GPS in action, and it helped Team Overhead win first place at AVC.

The device is pretty straight-forward. It has active circuitry for the ceramic patch antenna, rechargeable backup battery for warm starts, and I2C EEPROM for configuration storage. The units will ship pre-configured for ArduPilot Mega use, and the configuration file is available in the repository if needed.

Features and Specifications:

  • ublox LEA-6H module
  • 5Hz max. update rate, configured for 4Hz for APM
  • 25 x 25 x 4 mm ceramic patch antenna
  • LNA and SAW filter
  • rechargeable 3V lithium backup battery
  • low noise 3.3V regulator
  • I2C EEPROM for configuration storage
  • power and fix indicator LEDs
  • ArduPilot Mega compatible 6-pin JST connector
  • exposed RX, TX, 5V and GND pads
  • 38 x 38 x 8.5 mm total size
  • 16.8 g weight

It's on sale now, price is $75.99 USD. It starts shipping on Monday, July 9th.

Design files and links to the board's main component data sheets can be found in the product listing.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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  • And perhaps more specific to the 3DR LEA-6H GPS

  • I found this post regarding the GPS to FTDI cable, I suppose I could make up my own connector as per wiring diagram in order to change the GPS configuration:

  • I understand according to Corentin Cheron's post earlier that the 3DR GPS LEA-6H I have is shipped as standard with only the UBX protocol active, correct?

    The GPS is currently connected to my APM2.6 via the 6 pin (5 wire) cable, and I can receive and handle UBX protocol messages.

    However I wish to receive NMEA messages for handling with a custom sketch using the TinyGPS library.  I have downloaded U-Centre, but am unsure how to connect the GPS to my PC in order to re-configure to also send NMEA messages.  Any help appreciated.

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    The connection to the APM2.5 depends on which cable was sent with the GPS. The cable that came with only the GPS module should connect into the side GPS connector on the APM2.5. The GPS cable that came with the GPS/compass combination module should plug into the top GPS connector on the APM2.5/6.


    TCIII Admin

  • What cable should I use to connect it in APM 2.5? and in which port the old one or the new one?, Thank a lot.

  • By the way, it seems there is a wrong labeling of TX and RX pads on the silk screen, and I have confirmed it on the brd file 3DR-GPS-LEA6-JST-v11-RELEASE.brd.

    If the reference used is the GPS, then the RX pad is in fact connected to the TX GPS pin. It might not be an error if we have to understand, RX : connect here your RX pin from your MCU.

  • Default configuration when shipped says that only UBX protocol is output to UART1,

    Go to CFG ->PRT and enable 0+1 - UBX+NMEA for protocol Out for UART1.

  • I ordered LEA-6H on, but cannot launch it in U-center.

    Some strange behavior:  

    - default speed is 38400, usually 9600 on other models

    - when I switch output from UBX to NMEA, data flow is stopped. No NMEA data from gps. Why?

    - and the main problem - I was waiting for 5 minutes, but Satellites Signal is empty, no one sat is visible. Why? My gps is broken, or in default configuration its not compatible with U-center?

  • Just got one of these and cannot get a lock. the fix light never lights, though the power light does and the Planner software sees it. Not super happy after paying $75.

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