ArduCopter / ArduRover / ArduPlane specific GPS devices with uBlox NEO6 modules are here...

Finally they are here. We have been testing and developing these GPS devices over 4 months and now they are available on jDrones store. These modules are optimized for ArduCopter and ArduPlane use and we have been having great success  with these modules. Accuracy on jDrones Quad/Hexa copters is amazing when using these modules. Position accuracy is close to 1 meter and 3D lock times are counted in seconds. 

There are two models available.

Get them from jDrones Store: 

ArduCopter / MultiCopter uBlox module - 49.95

ArduPlane / ArduRover uBlox kit - 59.95

Availability: NOW

Model One: is specially made for ArduCopter / Multicopter use and it has detachable high patch antenna with 10cm cable so if you want you can always detach antenna from main module and put it on big groundplane.  

Top side of ArduCopter / Multicopter GPS


Bottom side of GPS with antenna detached:


Technical detail:

  • PCB size 38 x 38 mm
  • Mounting holes 32 x 32 mm, M3
  • EM406 style connector
  • 28 x 28mm detachable high gain antenna
  • Battery backup
  • I2C bakcup memory

Model Two: is using same electronics as Multicopter GPS does but it has smaller size PCB for easier "inside" mounting and fully waterproof high gain outdoor antenna with strong 3M 2-Side tape. This way you can mount your antenna outside of your vehicle and no need to be worried about rain or anything else while your sensitive electronics is safely inside of your vehicle. 

jDrones ArduPlane / ArduRover GPS Kit


There are 3 main parts on this kit: uBlox NEO6 electornics, High Gain antenna unit and IPEX cable


Technical details:

  • PCB size 32 x 30 mm
  • Mounting holes 37mm corner to corner, M3
  • EM406 style connector
  • 40 x 45mm High gain waterproof GPS antenna, 30cm cable
  • IPEX connector cable 70mm
  • Battery backup
  • I2C bakcup memory

It is amazing how these small things can change your mission operations. We have been really happy with them and I hope that everyone else will be as happy as we are.


Jani / jDrones 

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  • HI Jani, I bought APM 2.5 with GPS uBlox NEO 6 from Jdrones store. Unfortunately, until now, the GPS can not working properly. Sometime the position is fixed and sometime is not fixed. I have 6 units of  GPS uBlox NEO 6 and all have same problem.

    How can I solved the problem?

  • Do you know if that includes the cable needed to connect it to the APM board or is that sold separately?

  • Developer

    Yes you can just plug it in and no need to make any changes on software as it auto-detects it automatically. 

  • Hi Jani

    I have bought the gps from jdrones.

    Can I replace my old mtek gps that is connected to my apm1 with a cable(not soldered on) and just plug in this new one or do I have to change configuration in the firmware? (the cable seems to be the same)

    Im using APM1 and firmware 2.9.1b

  • Thank you Jani for your quick response.

    I'm using Arducopter V 2.9.1b, and Mission Planner 1.2.48.

    I don't have foam on top of the barometer. Should I ?

    Where on the wiki recommends about the foam, and how should I put it.

  • Developer

    Carlos, GPS data is not used for Altitude Hold so you must have something else going on there. What software version you are running on your copter? Do you have foam on top of your barometer? 

  • Sorry for my poor english (I live in South America - Uruguay)

    I'm new with Arducopter. I'm using APM 2.5 and updated my GPS module from ublox LEA-6H-0-002 to NEO 6M 0-001, in order to improve the Loiter behavior according with Jani posted video.

    After a stable hover in Stabilize mode (about 3 meters high), if I change to Alt_Hold or Loiter mode, the quad goes up, and I loose the throttle control. I must change to Stabilize mode in order to recover the throttle control.

    I checked the Sonar with de CLI, and works fine.

    I checked the barometer function and also works ok (the altitude varies between 10 to 20 cm)

    I checked the GPS with the CLI and with the quad staying over a table, the Altitud changes from 30 meters to -15 meters without moving the quad.

    Some one can help me?

  • I seriously wandered away to give openpilot a go, after having real trouble tuning the APM 2.0 to perform as well. I just wanted a sharp, responsive FC that worked out of the box regardless of aircraft specs. I wasn't disappointed, and still have it onboard my HT-FPV. So watching Jani toy with the quad like that, and get such rapid fixes to a forced, position deviation is astounding. The ardu-pilot HW has come so far, so quickly, and the APM 2.5 is US$50 cheaper? Well done community, I'll be checking in more often I think!

  • Very nice video!

  • Nice antenna options. I'd love to see a multi-GNSS module for drones, but I guess most operations are currently out in open spaces where additional constellations don't really buy you much (unless you could use them to do multi-frequency positioning). Once operations are being done in urban areas etc it would make more of a difference, but by that time all the chipsets will already be doing multi constellation. I will be curious to see if multi frequency becomes the standard or if single freq chips will be able to remain cheaper..
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