New Heavy Lift QuadCopter Frame from HH


The Turnigy H.A.L Frame looks to be quite nice....Not sure what Heavy means, but this this is made of aluminum, and at 614grams, is not too heavy, provided the right motors and props are used....I think I will go ahead and order one, and try it out...

Anyway, more information over at HobbyKing:

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  • I bought one for my son to start him off with Diydrones and I must admit it was joy to build this quadcopter and indeed the PIDs are almost the same the diydrones standard quadcopter values. everything is the same and my son is really enjoying flying this quadcopter and it was indeed very cheap. after he learnt to hover for 45 seconds as per diydrone suggestions i activated the CH7 for auto trimming. it was drifting very tiny amount to the left and the learning process is great and I must say a big thank you to the guys who contributed the wealth of information on this site. it all is very usefull.

  • Did a few running repairs to the broken landing gear and then smashed the other side!! In the second picture that Gerard has posted above you can see the pinch bolt arrangement that holds the landing legs - that's only a 2mm screw which is too small to get any sort of pinch, so I've drilled the bracket straight thru 3mm and used a 3mm skt head and locknut - much safer!. Apart from these problems it's a great piece of kit!!

  • Everything rotates through 45 degs for X config quite easily. Not quite sure what those two 2mm cross bars are supposed to do. Swopped the round section arms for some Arducopter square section arms which sit nicely in the orange plastic arm mounts and make life easier for motor and ESC mounting. Just had first flight and after a not too heavy landing, the T joints on one of the landing legs shattered, so not a good start!! Will make them out of aluminium I think.

  • Thanks for the pics

  • X mount


    more difficult to remove the landing gear.


    On X configuration, it is difficult to mount the bar, because it hits the nuts, we must place one or more washer under the landing holder.


    mounting a 35xx motor


  • I ordered one (probably should have ordered two or three given my luck in flying).

    When it comes, I'll post pictures and editorial comments

  • Aluminum motor mounts, nice. Im tempted, that dome would look nice with some brigh LEDs behind it...

  • Once again, the confirmation that the 3DR frame sucks and is a scandal pay much money an aluminum frame, heavy, with connections for inappropriate engines, not suitable for a photographic camera, it is necessary to raise the feet, in each case with a high cost and poor quality.
  • @John - if you look at the pic of the bottom, it looks like the landing gear can be rotated 45 degrees for X config

  • Its just a quad and its in a '+' configuration? Still, price is unbelievable.

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