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Sparkfun has just released an "9DoF" Razor IMU board ($125) with an Atmega328, three flat gyros, a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis magnetometer (no GPS input). This is basically similar to the ArduIMU+, but designed for indoor use or other places where GPS is not available or desirable. Because the Atmega runs at 16 Mhz, it's Arduino compatible. We've been working with them on this board, and will be converting the ArduIMU+ code to work with it soon; it will be available on the Sparkfun site and here. Stay tuned!
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  • friends on the imu tutorial,,, here I leave,, also there is abut the code that fixes problems with the magnetometer is a laboratory ... in Berlin .. germany ..


  • diydrones such boys, I am working on a project for my college on a quadrotor, but I wonder if anyone has worked with the control board with a board http://www.digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?Prod=CHIPKIT-MAX32 it is where we will implement control, with an imu https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9623 ... I'd be very happy where someone is already working on this boart, because only a little complicated ... but not impossible ... and I have progress ... but lack .. jajjajaja ... thanks ..

    for if they have problems with the imu ... I've come a long way, because there are problems with the magnetometer, but have already been solved ... with the board we are programming it with Arduino, MPLAB can also ... but do not want to complicate our lives .... they are grateful boys ...


    by operating the imu ... sheds very perfect positioning ...


  • Hi friends,
    I am working with graphics in VC++ (Visual studio2008). I also want to make it(9DOF) work in windows platform. The main problem is to read the COM port efficiently.
    If anybody have the COM port reading code, please post it.

    If i complete doing it. I will post it.
  • Tempurpudic mattresses are made here in ABQ. I bet they would give me some samples. I think that would make a difference.
  • how do you use this with an arduino what cables? there's no sufficient documentation!
  • guys when will be the code ready and published? Are you going to implement a EKF or remain to the DCM algorithm?
  • I just started playing with mine today, it's quite cool!
  • The topic of 6 or 9 DOF keeps popping up and rolling around in my head... How about "absolute 6 DOF" for 6 DOF + 3-axis magnetometer and "relative 6 DOF" for the vanilla 6 DOF? I know, acceleration is usually absolute, at least in one axis.
  • T3

    A follow up comment. I just noticed that Vissilis is using a CHR-6D IMU and DCM in a quad-rotor

    He solved the vibration issue by encapsulating his IMU in gel. So, I suppose there is a solution to the vibration issue, but it would be nice if the IMU itself was vibration resistant, if not vibration proof.

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