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3689412367?profile=originalIf you update to the latest Mission Planner (1.05) you'll see a cool new feature Michael Oborne has just added: integrated OSD video! Just select your video input device from your aircraft's camera feed from the Configuration screen (Planner tab) and it will replace the background of the artificial horizon on the GCS, turning it into a heads-up display instead, as shown in the left window above.


Pretty cool, huh? It's a virtual OSD!


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  • Chris, thanks for reply !



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    Gil: 1) any serial modem will work, but we recommend at least 38400 baud for best performance. The aircraft-side module must be TTL serial (the norm, like Xbees).
  • Hi guys, congrats to Michael Oborne in first place for this wondefull tool, my questions are...


    1) Can it use diferent types of modems for telemetry or must be XBee only ?


    2) For those who are using it at the moment, what would be the range achieved with XBee Pro ?


      thanks in advance - Gil

  • I'm a fan of Xinjiang from China, want advice, I installed the 1.05 version of the program, map the bottom of the content can not be displayed, AUTO PAN, ZOOM and so can not show, who knows why? Thank you...
  • SaaaaaaWEET!!!!   Just what I've been looking for.
  • exactly! that´s what i use.
  •  For all this to work with a my setup.  I need 2.4 gHz for RC, 900 mHz for Telemetry, and either 1.2 gHz or a 5.8 gHz Video Tx,?  What is everyone else using?


  • Great thanks! Didnt even know of their existence!! Early days but Quad flying well.
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    Bob, see Don's link above. There are loads of cheap video capture devices out there that plug into a USB port.
  • OK so I need an AV video transmitter/reciever. HK once again! I am still baffled as to how to get Video onto the laptop screen. I do not have video input and I would think it is quite rare on laptops. Help please?
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