New Opensource LRS Coming

Hi Guys,

I just finished the test of our new opensource long range system modules.
This modules 3th generation and i guess i should design 4th generation before publishing them.


I'm using RFM22B radio modules and ATMEGA328P chips on Rx and Tx.
Rx modules including 8 channel servo ports and RS232 for telemetry uplink

Tx modules including PPM-Input for analog servo control and RS232 for Computer based controls and Telemetry downlink.

System range will be around 4-5km.

Firmware Upgradeable over RS232.

Ground tests was unbelievable, it's working around 500 meters into the city (after 20+ concrete building)

I will share the flight test results, sources and schematics soon.

If you have any idea about design and inputs, please share with me before 4th generation's production..

Thanks for reading


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  • Any news on this front? Really interested...

  • Thanks for your reply Melih. I wasn't necessarily concerned with size, but more with will this work with a 2.4ghz radio controller (like my Turnigy 9X)? (I am a noob to RC, apologies)


    If we can get a casing similar to JR/Futuba modules so it can fit in the Turnigy 9X controller, we will have a controller with open source firmware and a nice long range open source module. :)

  • @Ivan


    No, first 3 version was only for my personal tests. I2m designing v4 for publishing. It's not including an LCD, you can use your computer for telemetrey ;)

  • Melih,


    Will v3 boards also be available in your shop? I don't need no LCD screen for telemetry when I have a big screen on my laptop.

  • @Kamu

    Our Tx module smaller than all modules(futaba or jr). you can put it into the old modules.


  • That's a great question Kamu. I wonder if these will be a DIY module that is to fit inside the transmiter like the Frysky unit or if it could fit inside a module that we could swap out for our regular 2.4Ghz gear and recievers.  I'd be willing to trash one of my Turnigy modules for a re-fit to be able to swap it out.

  • A question regarding controllers.. is it possible to interface the OpenFARC with a controller that can switch out modules? (i.e. the turnigy/imax/flysky 9x) I think they are compatible with JR modules.

  • @Danstah,

    Rx and TX boards same on v3 boards. Because both side using transceiver modules and all boards Tx+Rx ;)
    But i'm changing the design for v4, and Rx module including RSSI and SerialPPM outputs. Tx board have a buzzer and less pinouts.
    I'm designing a telemetry LCD screen and some sensors now and waiting for sample parts for tests, then i will order the PCBs.
  • Do you have any pictures of the TX setup. All the pics i see are of the RX side

    Uhmmm ,Sarantel and ublox for 47$
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