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  • Well, keep us posted, I want this for my RQ-11 build, and can also see the uses for multicopter or any airframe for that matter, mapping is going to be big, thanks for saving alot of us the time for buildning one ourselves

  • Hey guys, I'm the creator of this gimbal. I am amazed by the amount of interest I am receiving.  I started working on these gimbals after scrubbing mapping missions due to strong weather.    The camera was all over the place and needed something to hold its position. This is where the Flatmap1 gimbal started.

    I apologize for the lack of info on my website. I honestly didn't think I would have a lot of traffic this early on (website was created roughly 3 weeks ago).

    Currently I am working on documentation. Last night I worked to create an assembly manual and tonight I am working on the aircraft installation instructions. I will also be adding dimentional information as well. Videos will be coming soon!

    Will be answering question as soon as I get a free moment.  Happy flying :)

  • This might help:

  • How about some dimensions and a bit more information, very interested, but would like to know if it would fit in my plane

  • Can't see what they are made of? CF?

  • Yes that right, is this any

    demo video ?

  • 100KM

    @Christiaan - that looks like quality servos, which can cost $50 each, I don't see how they can sell it for less. I'd love to see a demo though before investing.

  • look like very nice product, I have search this product for a long time, I have a question: is this gimbal support for canon ixus 140 camera?


  • 150 dollars is a bit too much. Maybe if it was brushless the price could be justified but no. But the concept is very cool non the less.

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