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    What software did


  • Like it... Like it. Please... post pictures of the parts and all the process... Very nice to see.

    9 meters is just like the real plane I fly.

    wich is the goal that needs such an airplane?

  • What software did you use to do the designs?   Mid-late next year I wanted to do something similar with laser cut parts.  the laser cutter is easy enough to find, but I can't seem to find suitable cad software to design the parts in, most especially the aerofoil sections... 

  • 9m span.... as in 9 Meters or about 30 feet?! Wow, that's huge!! Beautiful so far!

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    Seven dwarfs :)))

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    Ay Carumba 9m

  • How many passengers can it take? :)
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    All wood elements ( not only ribs ) are cut on laser CNC. And it's not a carbon strips, it's a carbon spar. :)

    9 m span, 4 m long, 80 kg TOW. 2 stroke gasoline engine.

  • Czesc, very impressive Vlad, the ply ribs are CNC cut yes?, carbon fibre strip top and bottom to form the stiffening spar?

    What are the overall dimensions and powerplant  for the project?

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