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The SkySafe system can take control of a rogue drone over the air and safely land it.

With detailed event history and real-time notifications, SkySafe offers an unprecedented level of airspace security.

  • Real-time detection and notification
  • Uninterrupted protection
  • Does not rely on radio jamming
  • Does not interfere with legitimate drone operation
  • Searchable event history
  • Enterprise management
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  • @JB high five. When the "drone" is a robot and doesn't rely on a radio/network connections, these types of exploits don't work. Lame post for DIYD but excellent fodder for Drone and Annoy  :)

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    Droning Drones Drone
  • @JB, I think the premise is to look at the mobile phone industry. If you're on Android, iOS, or using your personal phone on a corporate network (nearly every fortune 500 co)--they have a connection where some one else (e.g. Apple) can get "root" access to your device (to wipe the phone, install special apps, etc...). One would say the main question from the posting is: could the same framework be used for drones?

    IMHO: "take control"... (nods head sideways)

    I'm working w/our resort security guys and have looked into this aspect of countermeasure (i.e. take over control). From theory & technology standpoints it seems logical, but in reality and daily usability... it's too complex and typically does not make sense. Current safety, logistics, legal, risk and insurance offerings do not 'work'; too many ways to legally interpret another entity taking over a drone and if it crashes, it gets more complex. And... I don't want to take over/be responsible for a drone flying into a hotel in increment weather (a recipe for disaster). Unfortunately (or fortunately??) the only thing that makes sense from the manned flight world is.... insurance, insurance, insurance. These new drone safety services could get that right as a possibility.

    Also, getting that RFD900's encryption on by default is worth its weight in gold as it's pretty easy to do some protocol analysis and DPI to reconstruct the correct mavlink (or other vendor) messages/order needed to control a drone.

  • Lol I think this is pretty absurd. Why would the inventor of Do It Yourself Drones want to promote a type of "drone Stasi"?

    Halloween prank maybe? Sure got me scareweed! :-s

    But seriously, this requires every drone to have the ability to be taken over by someone else, and the whole system standardised across the industry so that skysafe (skynet rebranded?) can take over...or any other so inclined person with the skills. Where's the added safety in that? What happens if a "big brother" with an app means harm or causes a crash because of taking over mid flight to blame it on the drone owner?

    Being an app I'd say it works over wifi? What about wifi encryption or those (many more) drones without wifi or telemetry at all? I doubt it does RC as well, if so how, and who else might be affected by it because it can't target specific drones? For 95% of current drones the app would just say "this number is not connected". Or will only DJI and Solo's have this extra functionality? Not a good marketing ploy. Besides even if it could somehow connect to it's wifi what's the useful range and how easy is that to disable and fly just waypoints instead...plus this provides no "safety" against malicious drone operators at all. So what's the point?

    The main safety issue is the size of the drone and it's ability to do damage to persons or property.

    That is where good regulation would start, not by pursuing a massively expensive (or profitable?) skynet program. Electronic wizardry is no replacement for cold, hard, old fashioned physics. Look at the aussie CASA sub 2kg category on how to. Besides, why first create an industry under the guise of open source, and then regulate it, to profit from it, and subdue the competition by forcing their drones to land on command?? lol  Maybe DIYD should be rebranded to DIMWDONAA (do it my way drones or not at all!) ;-) 

    To me it sounds preposterous and counter intuitive as it doesn't meet any worthwhile goal, other than publicly advertising that the "drone industry" is working on a solution to the "safety problem" it itself created. (I'd welcome evidence to the contrary)

    I think the cats out of the bag on that one, either way you look at it.

    Regards JB

  • Moderator

    Detecting and plotting it would be handy for law enforcement. The stopping it flying bit is a bit silly.

  • When I was much younger, back in the days when honest speech was the norm, this would have been called piracy.

    I anticipate a slew of lawsuits. Someone had better be able to prove self-defence or have a court-order in hand.

  • I would not like to some wise guy dropped me on head rc drone touching to  smartphone...

  • How's the encryption on the RFD900's coming along?
  • Especially since we learned today that the courts have ruled that people can shoot our drones down with impunity!
  • Perhaps WE need to carry a shotgun when flying just to protect our craft!?!
  • This video will be a great marketing tool for those UAV companies offering encrypted control/data links!

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