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The SkySafe system can take control of a rogue drone over the air and safely land it.

With detailed event history and real-time notifications, SkySafe offers an unprecedented level of airspace security.

  • Real-time detection and notification
  • Uninterrupted protection
  • Does not rely on radio jamming
  • Does not interfere with legitimate drone operation
  • Searchable event history
  • Enterprise management
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  • they just flood it with a VERY LOUD NOISE.

  • What did I just see? How is it keeping the environment safe? What if the drone was flying over a crowd of people? I fail to see, how this application is going to keep our skies safe.

    This looks more like a prank video!

  • Gary is spot on. . . plotting the course and possible landing spot of the errant UAV is a noble cause.

    Dropping a heavier-than-air craft from the sky is ill-conceived.  Taking control of any vehicle is also a bad idea.  

    It appears to be a lot of effort for the rare "reckless or malicious drones".  Most NAS incursions are due to lack of education first.

  • I wish some technical explanation would be posted with these kind of articles. Many people seem to not know how or why this is possible and when it might or might not work. Why not educate the public?

  • @ Cliff-E

    From what I understand you still need to connect to the network first to exploit the phone. Even so how is this a good thing? My kids have the same at school with their ipads, but it's easily circumvented by creating another user. I don't have a Solo or DJI so (by choice) I'm not sure what the procedure is to connect, but surely there's a password to connect via wifi? But I agree that its impractical and to complex to orchestrate and regulate this way. Just make the drones lighter then nothing much can happen in the first place.


    @ earthpatrol

    Hi 5 right back at ya buddy! I've noticed we share similar perspectives on various subjects. 

    I don't get how they can get away with purporting "against malicious drones". It's just so easy to use the 3DR gear for ill if you wanted to without using comms on it, so how does it help in any way? It's a bit like selling unicorns to the Smurfs. The joke is that they are unlikely to disclose how (or if for that matter) it works as that in itself might be used to circumvent it! So we're just left with what we are told to believe. Technically, either I'm really dumb, or this is some fantastic wizardry. Either way, even more reason to avoid buying DJI and 3DR products, even though I am a fan of the PXH. Shame.


    @ Sam

    I was hinting at that with my references. ;-)  It wouldn't be the first time that it has happened, nothing new under the sun, history repeats itself etc etc...

    The predominate issue here is society itself, and that individuals are willing to give up their freedoms for "apparent" security. Be that security from attacks by neighbors or foreigners, from corporations or competition, from suppressing intelligence that can change the world (for better or worse), to intelligence and information that controls what we do, how and even why we do it. Without wanting to go into conspiracy theories and the like there is a general complacency within many nations and their people, to accept that somebody else is in control, knows better, and should instruct and control, what we should do or know.

    This ignorance is in direct contravention of principles like "for the people, by the people" and it undermines any individuals responsibility, to ensure that the world they live in, is the one they would like to live in, and likewise one they would want to live in with others. The word response-ability is just that, our ability to respond. And it's exactly how we respond, or for many how they don't, that will shape the world that we live in.

    In the case of drones, registration or control, it all comes down to that people need to take responsibility for their own actions directly, and not allow others to take their individual freedoms and along with them our ability to respond and enact what we to often take for granted. The solution starts much earlier in human development, in that of the children we raise and how we raise them. Incorporated into parenting is the very essence of our culture, the things we accept as truths, the things we allow, the things we value. If we fail to live by the same high standards we wish for our children (or anothers - we are all someones offspring) to aspire to, then how can things improve. This is the burden of each generation, to pursue the dreams in the hope to improve who we are, and whom we become, together.

    Regards JB

  • I can't believe how many of you don't get this at all.  It has nothing to do with 'safety' and everything to do with control.  Those in power in the U. S. don't want aerial pictures taken of politically-unpopular events.  This is about giving them and their minions a way to stop such photography.  Ditto the recent FAA requirement that all 'drones' be registered.

    If you are an American, you are living under a creeping police state and, if you don't start fighting it pretty soon, you will find yourselves in a world that will make '1984' look like Woodstock.

  • Are rogue drones really that big of a problem????

  • Having played with the Solo a bit is it mandatory to change the SoloLink password?  If not how many Solos out there are using the default password?

    That should be a mandatory thing when you first boot up a Solo if it is not already.

  • Developer

    This is hopeless on so many levels I don't know where to start.

    If the disable is done by hacking/taking over the control stream, then they would have to 'support' all or at least most popular copters out there. Not going to be so easy in the long run I think.

    If they are scrambling or attacking the radio carrier wave, they will get into serious trouble with the FCC and friends. And the result from such an attack on a 'malicious drone' would be unpredictable and just end up making it even more 'malicious'.

  • What happens if its not a phantom ?

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