No Drones Over My Back Yard, Google's Schmidt Warns

0415-drone-630x420.jpgEric Schmidt is at it again:

... In comments made to the Guardian, Schmidt called for international regulation of civilian drone technology and, going a step further, for an outright ban of inexpensive “everyman” minidrones. Schmidt’s comments are the most forceful yet by a technology executive on the need to protect individuals’ privacy from a promising high-tech growth sector....

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  • Wow this is ridiculous to say the least. Totally agree with you Euan. Uninstalled my Chrome never used it though prefer the open source Firefox and as well this community!

  • Moderator
    It's not just the drives-down-the-street images that are the issue with Google, it's the data-mining of your habits and personal info that Google search is gathering everyday!
  • Eric Schmidt... what a hypocrite. He can drive down the street taking photos of everything and everyone in view, yet he's against these things?! No respect for that. And what exactly is it everyone is afraid of? What ARE people doing in their yards that they need such privacy for? Should we ban airplanes, because they can fly 1,000ft over just about everyone/everything. How about tall buildings? Heck, even 2-story homes? I can see right into all my neighbors' yards from upstairs.

  • @ goran

    your post reeks of paranoia you know that right?

    not everyone should own or use a UAV just as is the case that not everyone is alowed to own or use a gun already. UAV's can and will be missed used and the tech will be better make that easier as well. now the level of hipocracy coming from mr. Schmidt is funny but not some grand consperiousy to "keep you down". just the rantings of an equal paranoid person, the blance that best serves everyone will be found but for that everyone is going to have to give ground in the end.

  • MR60

    What an hypocrite ! I can't believe the gust ha have being the first to violate any privacy rules with his google databanks...(and providing info to the US government). What a stupid idiot.

  • We need to fill EVERY news article where Google or others are trying to ban drones with comments that shed light on their REAL agenda: Banning and regulating them to prevent open and crowd-sourced mapping alternatives! Get posting, it is important that people reading the comments sections on these things, reddit, etc get the real picture. I'm certain that we can sway opinion but to do so WE NEED to act by supporting eachother and we have to be careful NOT to bash people who say things like "I will shoot them down", agree with them instead, tell them, "if drones are invading your privacy you should BUT: they want to take away YOUR RIGHT to own a drone for yourself just like they want to take away your right to own weapons! This isn't about protecting privacy it's about taking away YOUR RIGHTS!"

    It's super important to shift the focus onto this, our rights and to make EVERYONE aware that these drones make a TON of noise and can only fly for very short periods.

  • From Google Earth view...


  • But he can send a car all over with 20 cameras on it taking pictures to put into google street view. And then have detailed aerial imagery of anywhere in the us, including peoples private property, in his google maps satellite view. What a hypocrite.
  • Bannishment mentality is becoming strong in North America, sUAV will not escape from that.

  • A Google executive warning against the invasion of privacy?

    I have always like Google as a company, but this level of hipocracy is absured.

    To suggest that a drone flying through a neighborhood would violate privacy on the scale of a multinational coorporation that has stored every website you have visited from searches, logged you search history, inventoried you emails, bubbled your activity, and then sold them openly and shamelessly to advertising corporations is not only morally wrong, but it is also objectively offensive and insulting.
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