in june this year we went to norway. i packed a lot of stuff with me and of course i had to take with me the flying machine (or to be precise, flying machineS):


we went there for 2 weeks, drove 6100km in total and it was actually great (and damn expensive) fun. friends from http://helicam.ee borrowed me their prototype, foldable y6 which was a big help (hiking in mountains with cs8.. better not). so we did some photos, here

3689467620?profile=originaland there (that's preikestolen below and you can read a bit more how we did this photo here)


however, most important part of the trip was not photos, but rather video :) and here you can see very short showreel from our flying adventures, hope you will like it. and turn on sound, or otherwise you'll lose half of experience :)

hope you'll like it :)

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  • One of the best movies taken from aerial I've seen.

  • Looks very nice. The scenery is really beautiful and well filmed.

    I'm also going to Norway the last two weeks of august for a motorcycle vacation.

    I'm really looking forward to it, especially after seeing this video.

  • @Lars - yep, fpv-leif done great job promoting norway :) i wish i had more time to spend there...

    @Jeff - plane is EPP FPV from hobbyking. unfortunately i wasn't able to use it - it's too lightweight for it's size, meaning that in mountains and near sea, where there is always at least some wind, you wont get any usable video.. cinestar was taken as "backup" rig - if small one would crash or brake.. luckily for me, nothing crashed, so cinestar was with me just for a sake of beauty :)

    @Richard - 5 minutes out of 21hours - OUCH :) regarding longer version - i am thinking whether i should start indiegogo project, as post-production might become too expensive for my personal pocket.. especially now when i'm planning to have one more roadtrip with almost same intentions.. ;) let's see.. anyways, i want longer version more than you do, because i know how many nice places are not covered in showreel :)

    @Alex, at the moment i have arducopter on cinestar and mk on y6.. and yes there was post-processing done to stabilize video

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    That is very nice! What flight controller are you using, and did you do any post processing to stabilise the video?

  • Jann, great work, and i know what you mean about wastage, I shot 21 hours of video in antarctica but would only be prepared to show about 5 minutes to anyone else. Lets see the big movie version please...


  • Nice work Jaan!

    Lots of eye candy!

    What plane is that in your car? Easy Glider?

    Did you use the airplane and Cinestar for any of these shots?




  • Im from flor-dah so rocks & snow are things we dont have thanks for the link

  • Nice!

    Growing up in this country has somewhat made me blind to all the nice scenery, so it is fun to see it from a tourists view. 

    Plenty of videos from our country, and especially the western fjord parts (not mine) : http://vimeo.com/fpvleif/videos




  • nice i think it was money well spent hope to see more

  • @richard,

    intention was to shoot some kind of "roadtrip movie" :) but sometimes outcome is not really what you have planned..

    post-production i gave away completely and didn't really contribute there. maybe you're right :)

    on other hand - it's just a showreel, not a big movie.. it should create slight feeling of "incompleteness", so that you'd closing the page with a hope that there will be something longer and better in future..

    and if i will be able to get some funding - we sure will go forward with creating a long, proper version.. you really can't imagine how many scenes didn't find their way into this reel :) i have total about 160gb of material, shot on gh2 with "fixed" firmware producing 45mbit video - big part of it is complete waste (takeoffs and landings etc), but sure thing we could create something more spectacular out of it..

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