Novel means of quadrotor control / adjust

Here's the demo of my gamecube remote controlling my quad. Newly implemented is the ability to adjust the PID.P value on the field using just the remote.

This method can be implemented with the analog remotes most people use. I've got another remote that uses only analog sticks to drive a menu system. Something similar could be done for the main AeroQuad project if anyone is interested.

The idea was that I wanted a durable, reliable, ergonomic, economical, and digital remote to fly my quadcopter. I started at gamestop since I don't own a gamecube. Using with Andrew Brown's code, J.Ward's page as reference, and a logic analyzer I was able to get a gamecube interface working on 8mhz and 16mhz cpus (albeit with pretty messy code).

More info on the quad design is on my site here.

My publicly viewable svn repo is here on my server.





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  • Moderator
    "...there are many things I can easily see improving now that I don't have access to a laser cutter.. "
    Figures, doesn't it? :)
    I like your ingenuity though!
  • Hi Tim, I saw your quad at MakerFaireNC, good work...
  • If anyone wants to do something similar, there's an easy to use PlayStation 2 Controller Arduino Library by yours truly.
  • The frame is mostly ABS, (black) the top of the flight computer is acrylic, (clear) and the outer part of the prop guards are polypropylene (opaque white).

    I'm not a very good pilot (yet) so I'm learning as I go. It flys rock solid and stable in gyro only acrobatic mode now that the PIDs are calibrated well. I really need to get the autolevel functionality working so it will fly more like a coaxial (the only heli I've flown a lot). I also plan to implement a ultrasonic ranger for throttle control (even easier). If I can look like I'm flying well then I know I've done my job.

    I'm working on the design for this frame 2.0, there are many things I can easily see improving now that I don't have access to a laser cutter..
  • Developer
    Ok it's made from ABS :)
  • Developer
    yes that is nice looking device. I really like the idea how you made those prop protectors. It's made from aluminum or? it gives many nice ideas and inspirations. :)

    How well you have been able to get it flying?? And how well that controller works?
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    Well done Tim that all looks great
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