NVIDIA's press release states that "Jetson TX1 is the first embedded computer designed to process deep neural networks -- computer software that can learn to recognize objects or interpret information." The 3.4x2inch module includes a Tegra X1 ARM Cortex-A57 processor with 256-core NVIDIA Maxwell graphics, 4GB of LPDDR4 memory, 16GB of eMMC storage, 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth, and Gigabit Ethernet support.

AnandTech Article: http://www.anandtech.com/show/9779/nvidia-announces-jetson-tx1-tegra-x1-module-development-kit

The Jetson TX1 Development Kit will be available for preorder starting Nov. 12 for $599 in the United States. The kit includes the Jetson TX1 module, a carrier board (pictured below), and a 5MP camera. The stand-alone module will be available in early 2016 (for $299 in bulk).


The Jetson TK1 (not TX1) was released in 2014 to encourage the development of products based on the Tegra K1 processor. However, according to AnandTech, developers were using the Jetson TK1 outright as a production board, choosing to focus on peripheral and software development instead of system hardware development. With the new TX1, all of the I/O connectivity is provided on a carrier board, enabling rapid development on the credit-card sized TX1 module. After development is finished, the TX1 module can be directly deployed in products, such as drones. 

NVIDIA used a drone application to promote the Jetson TX1



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  • Hi,

    for the last weeks I have been working on carrier board for 2 TX1 modules. This board is not really intended for the UAV market, but possibly it can be used on larger UAVs, which demand higher processing power than what a single TX1 can offer. 

    Here are the brief specs:

    Each TX1 module has the following peripherals:

    - M.2 key B 2242 slots (SATA) for inexpensive SSDs

    - M.2 key M 2280 slots (4x PCIe) for extreme performance SSDs

    -  micro SD card

    -  2 USB3 type A connectors (on the left)

    - 1 USB2 type A connector

    - 2 UARTs (3.3V TTL) - 4 pin PicoBlade

    - 2 SPI (3.3V) - 9 pin Picoblade

    - 1 I2C (3.3V) - 4 pin PicoBlade

    - JTAG header

    - fan connector (4 pin PicoBlade)

    - socket for the B100 HDMI to CSI-2 bridge (HDMI in up to 1080p60) - on the upper right

    - display port - on the lower right

    - RJ45 Gb Ethernet and eDP (on add-on module on the left above USB connectors - J22)


    Power in: 12V

    Size: 316 x 77 mm

    The blue connector on the left is for the Gb Ethernet and eDP add-on module. The blue connector on the right connects to the video add-on module for the second TX1 (asecond B100 module and the display port connector).

    You may wonder about the strange form factor which I have used here. The reason is that I have designed it for two use cases:

    1. standalone: it is designed that an optional Ethernet module may be added. External connector are on the left and right sie of the board.

    2. rack mounted: the board may be installed in a 19" 2 RU openGear frame by Ross.

    Ross Video openGear frame

    This frame has an integrated 20 port Gb Ethernet switch, which this board connects to via the back panel. Also it is powered by the frame. Up to 10 boards with 2 TX1 each may be installed, if everything works out fine. So this may also be a very nice rack mount multiprocessing platform for the TX1.

    I will finalize the design over the next days. I plan to show the first prototype in 3 weeks at the upcoming Embedded World show in Nuremberg at the NVIDIA booth.

    If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know. I may be still able to incorporate them.

    Best regards, Jurgen

  • Hi JB,

    Jurgen sent me the photo the other day.

    The photo above is a composite of 4 boards, Motherboard,  Mini Pixhawk, Edison and TX1 Carrier Board.

    If you want any more information you can email me


  • Looks good David.

    Where did you find the pictures?

  • 3702172818?profile=originalPCBs will be populated Soon.

  • Hi Alex,

    you can email Jurgen js@auvidea.com or email me ds@auvidea.com

    we have the PCBs being made now for the TX1 Lite Carrier board and hope to have the first batch made up soon.

    you can see our UAV products on our website; http://www.auvidea.eu/

    the TX1 boards are mentioned in the December Newsletter


  • Great work Jurgen Stelbrink!

    I may be interrsted in buying one of your boards. How can I contect you?

  • @Patrick,
    the Drive PX2 is like Frankenmonster, because it has 2 Tegra CPUs and 2 new Pascal GPUs ;)

  • Finally I was not so wrong about my picture of liquid cooling on page 1.....


  • Thanks Jurgen. Sorry for the late reply I have been travelling.

    The lite board is just the ticket. Looks like you're making the most of it to use it for testing as well!

    Let us know how you go with plenty of production photos!

    Best Regards JB

  • Hi Jurgen,

    I would like to find out how to preorder one of your light boards


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