OpenPilot Open Souce UAV Platform


3689413762?profile=originalI was looking for some new developments for UAVs and here is what I found accidentally. OpenPilot Open Source UAV Platform seems to be very powerful autopilot, which is very similar to APM. I don't remember that is was mentioned here, so I decided to make a blog post. The link to their official website:


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  • I'm an advocate of the foot traffic method of judging a project.

    If a project is good, operates morally, is active and of a high quality, then it follows that a lot of people will want to use it, develop it further and improve it. If a project is none of these things then people will be turned off and not want to be involved.

    On that basis I don't think there is much more that can be said until the project is available and has an active public user base.

    Every project has individuals that are both liked and disliked but that shouldn't really matter as a project is always much bigger than any one individual and a good project should be guided and controlled by the userbase, not any one individual. I don't think it helps anyone to worry about or comment on what individuals associated with a project do or say unless it becomes the direction of the entire project.


    Looking at the home page of open pilot, it doesn't say anything that would correlate with the staments of the individual, therefore, i don't think his statements are relevant to this project in anyway.

  • Agreed
  • 3D Robotics

    I've asked the author of this post to close this thread. (I can't do it myself; I can only delete the thread, which is never the preferred choice since people own their own words.)


    In the meantime, I'd ask people to please halt the personal discussion or take it to PM. This is not the place for that. 


  • Call it out then. Compare posts between these three places.

    On diydrones here.
    On rcgroups here -
    On Openpilot forum here -

    That's just my professional opinion.
  • You need to be careful to see a difference between Openpilot and Dankers. I have been watching the Openpilot project recently and it seems they are very professional and have done a great job.

    But Dankers is a different story. I am a psychologist by profession, and it seems like he has mental issues. Specifically, unfounded paranoia and bipolar disorder from what I have seen.

    Still, I don't think that you can judge a project based on the actions of one individual.
  • Beware. Dankers has edited his posts on RCG. Apparently he's reading this thread.
  • From the previous link...."Your posts are exactly why a lot of projects simply stopped posting at DIYDrones and why its dying, it simply gives off a huge negative vibe and is not worth the trouble."

    I think he was referring to OpenPilot LOL

    Believe me, they are better left alone ( I speak from direct experience)

  • DIYDrones needs a mascot like openpilot... just saying :P
  • I do like unjustifiable claims of superiority....but at this point OpenPilot is not open-source. It's Vapor-ware.

  • This is what "Competition" looks like in an Open Source world.

    Some work needs to be done me thinks before "Open Source" brings world peace.
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