Ostrich Quadcopter

Some people may remember the "dead cat" copter from a Dutch artist one year ago (and not the conversion kit they sell at hobbyking). The artist thought it was a bit small and could not carry enough payload. To fix this important problem he build his second model the "Ostrich Quadcopter". From the video it looks like it can carry a few kilograms and maybe he plans to upgrade FPV into the head in the future ;)

Maybe taxidermy copters will be the next craze????? The "artist" is Bart Jansen (http://www.bartjansen.tv/)


This was his original "dead cat copter" project:



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  • I might try a squirrel and call him Rocky, put some goggles on him too.  Maybe a little cape and some LED's for eyes and smoke coming out his butt.

  • Mr. Jansen, the artist, explains the intent of his pieces on his web site, at http://www.bartjansen.tv/index.php?page=bio  I understand his work to be critiques of the ideal use of technologies versus the actual uses of technologies. Just because we can do it, doesn't mean we'll use the knowledge for the beautiful and the good as people may believe "the beautiful and the good" to be. He wants to provoke reactions and reflection.

    Full disclosure - I live outside Seattle, do a lot of work there. Don't hug trees, but do mourn their loss when my neighbors cut them down.  And, my brother is a taxidermist. I like his work.  :-)

  • That's just wrong on so many levels. The ostrich is a flightless bird.

  • Oh Oh , Make an Elephant Fly Next

  • This guy has issues!

  • I tell you , Its called the magic chip that makes anything fly. just install it to any object you want to fly

  • There's nothing disrespectful about it. Instead of dumping the animal's corpse into the ground it gets recycled, given a new purpose. It's a big chunk of protein, nothing special about it.

  • I am not a tree hugger and I never been to Seattle but I can't watch the video either. Give the dead some respect!

    I wonder how this artist would feel to have his beloved cat become one of the flying thing and I'd rather not go further..

    There are limits to everything, at least that's the way I feel.

  • Yes, because clearly only tree huggers from Seattle find this creepy.
  • @Darrell....So what's the difference between these and Taxidermy hanging in a house? You must be a tree huger from Seattle huh?

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