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  • Hi Jack and Eric, it is true!

    it is very easy to fix, eulers area correct, is it only visualization problem.
  • Good eye, Jack. I kept looking at that video since I first saw it last night and could not figure out why it looked strange. As soon as I saw your post, it hit me. The wings stay parallel with the horizon when the plane banks! Operationally, it would probably be catastrophic, but fortunately the fix is simple. And the overall project is very well done.
  • Presumably the artificial horizon roll is backwards because Dean did it that way. But if you're going to roll backwards, you should also pitch backwards, which you're not doing.
  • Hi Jose

    I like the nice smooth response.

    Can you tell us a little about the datarate and data structure that is transmitted over the xbee?

  • Looks great! What software are you feeding the data into there?
  • Very impressive !!!!!!!!!
  • Hello José
    Great job! i hope to hear soon about your first test flight results.
    Following your proposition on your previous post, i was interested yo get one oy your nanoAHRS set
    Please find my reply below
    I also sent you en email from your nmine website.
    Thanks to let me know your answer
This reply was deleted.