P9X autopilot, a revised pixhawk


Pixhawk is a great autopilot, we love its robustness and rich sets of features. Nowadays it is a de-facto to low cost autonomous vehicle application.

There’re always some changes you want to make in an open source design, this rule also applies to Pixhawk. First, I want to make it smaller, to fit it into a f5B glider fuselage, with built-in dampers and a plastic shell could survive a hard crash. Then I want to make the sensors to be replaceable, so I can test new MEMs gyros. And lastly, I want to make the IO completely customizable to my specific application, eliminating 3-pin RC connectors, better fixture to a larger avionic payload motherboard, or an array of Pixhawks without messy wiring.

So in the last winter, we had it done, named it P9X

Some quick facts about P9X: (might subject to change due to its beta phase)

  • 80mm x 50mm x 17.2mm box made of 1.5mm thickness mold injected PC/ABS
  • 43mm x 50mm core PCBA size
  • Tested with Ardupilot
  • Tested with QGC 2.7 version PX4 firmware
  • PX4 master built not yet running (maybe a firmware issue)
  • Total weight: 45g
  • Connectors fully compatible with Pixhawk
  • Integrated silicon rubber damper (need help in axle alignment test)
  • 4 copper nuts embedded for M3 screw mounting (dimension: 38mm x 25mm)
  • IMU sensors swappable (need soldering)





We need your Help!

The first 50pcs batch is out, we have invested in inject mold, silicon rubber mold, silk screen printing. We want more testers and a crowd funding campaign, before that, we want to make sure this hardware revision has no serious design issues. If you are experienced user, developer, embedded engineer, please consider purchase one of these beta samples and send us feedback.


How to get one.

Back in the last year, Raspilot project generated no income, Emlid and Erle Robotic has inspired by its design then they have made their similar design products. I don’t want to bankrupt in my hobby, and make it serious to be a self-employed job. So no more free samples.

I want to sell these 50 pcs unit for 150USD each, with Aramex shipping from Shanghai, China. Please give me feedback about the price.


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  • I seem to remember when the solo came out there were no design files published for it.  Not till about 6 months later.

    As for the Pixhawk2 I have a hard time finding any usable documentation on it and as far as I know it's only available to 3DR for there own use.

    So if you post it on a site that no one can see you are in compliance.

  • Jerry, I am most definitely going to publish our files for the Pixracer. I am trying to prevent publishing them until the board is 100% stable. But since you asked I will put the WIP files online. What is missing from the conversation in my opinion is, you must judge a person/company by their contribution to the community. For way too long "we" have sat by and let larger companies such as 3DR foot the bill. Sincerely, Thank you 3DR for your contribution. There is no free beer. As soon as I started selling Pixracers, I started to support open source developers with that revenue. 4 developers to be exact. As finances allow, I will contribute more. I challenge Jerry and all other manufacturers of ArduPilot and PX4 compatible hardware, do your part and contribute back to the community.
  • Thomas I just checked and all of the HobbyKing APM/Pixhawk variants have the schematics and board files posted on their site.  Just look under the files section on the given product page.  They might not be listed on the product page for an entire kit (so FC, GPS, power module, telemetry), but if you look at just the FC product page, they will be there.  They only one I'm not seeing yet is the new PX4Lite.  HobbyKing used to be much worse about this, but after catching enough grief, they usually just comply now.  Jerry, I agree with Philip on this one.  The work you've done looks great, but you were able to start with work others have done and released.  I'm assuming if you work with the community and the devs, your work will be better supported, you will help expand on the work the community has done, and the community will support you in the form of purchasing your FC from you.  Just my two cents.  Keep up the good work (hopefully while giving back to the community).

  • Developer
    Pixhack has MOST DEFINITELY posted their files! I helped them do it!

    Hobbyking has also posted, though it can be hard to find them on their shocking site....

    This is a derivative, he has even copied the PX4 FMUv2.4.5 silk screen!

    For this to be 100% pin compatible, he must have referenced the schematics, making it a derivative.

    Why do you defend those that do not show the most basic appreciation for the opportunity given to them?
  • PixHack, PixRaptor, HobbyKing PixFalcon, HKPilot32, HKPX4Lite, and PixRacer; to name a few have NOT published their design files...

    If this project is in fact a clean start, then there is no reason to publish the design files. Since the board emulates the original PX4 functionality.

    Since the board is NOT a modification and does not fork back into the original design, the argument for publishing the design files is not valid.

    Just as with ArduCopter software source code. If the source is used (or original CAD design files) to build a new modified version then the new version must be published. However, if a clean start is created which emulates the functionality of the original, then the source is owned by the clean start creator and does NOT have to be published. The fact that the new design uses the same microcontroller or electronic components or provides the same functionality does NOT mean it is a copy of the original design.

    DJI's flight controller has nearly all the functionality of ArduCopter, yet the source is not published.

  • Can you post the repo, the licence and design files! Please?
  • Developer
    If you find others that have not complied with the licence, please list each project!

    You are currently selling hardware! And I assume you will want the dev team to support you in debugging the remaining issues you have! So, you have the opportunity to get on board as a good member of this community, you will find us very helpful! But you need to do your part! Show some appreciation for our work!

    We don't discriminate! We enforce this on EVERY derived or cloned hardware.
  • looks like i am not the only guy who have not fulfilled your IP right claims, and yet i am not shipping these units, so i don't have to publish any of these.

    7. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups
    The license must not discriminate against any person or group of persons.

    so, take it easy. i'll carefully consider all your request.

  • Developer
    I'm confused as to why you are asking me to publish PixRacer files?

    I am the designer (and copyright holder) of the Pixhawk2, and not only have I published the drawings in the PX4 folder, but my live working directory is also public, with all the yet to be released hardware!
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