Passive thrust vectoring with anti vibration mounts.


 Have constructed an enclosed ‘H’ frame carbon/Kevlar quad with soft mount front and rear arms for vibration reduction. Initially yaw was awful as the arms tilted in the wrong direction and opposed any motor torque so I had to stiffen the mounts to prevent yaw reversal. Now I have reversed the motors in the code and the tilt actually helps the yaw. The mounts on the video are very soft, just to help demonstrate the movement but I think they were bottoming out.

Am quite pleased with the lack of vibration showing on the camera.

Apart from the motor reverse all parameters are completely stock. Will tweak them when I get some time.



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  • Hi Eliana.

    Did you see the pics at the start of the blog? They should show how the tube is mounted, on o rings with zip-tie to the metal angle.

    The new frame uses 5mm carbon tube to hold the o rings.

    These are the tube mounts, also used to hold the motors on – but there are lighter mounts for that.


    If you use those with o rings you must take off the sharp edges from machining, they will cut the rings. I used a dremel.

    Did you see the other blog?




  • I'm new to this, and am trying to mount some motors to a carbon fiber rod, and attach those rods to my frame. How did you do that in this video? I am planning in the future to try forward thrust vectoring for my quad too! Any ideas for the attachments? Either static (like you have on your H-quad) or dynamic for thrust-vectoring? Thanks, and good job on laying the carbon for the frame!

  • That is beyond!

  • Mk 2 taking shape.

    Didn’t go for the pig ugly one. I really like having a front and back for orientation.

    New one has motor tubes going through so one snapped O ring is no longer a problem.



  • Interesting

    Have just discovered it flies with a broken O ring with one arm up at 20deg, not great though.

    I have just been adjusting some PIDs to see if I can smooth out its response to high winds and gusty conditions. Very nice with rate D up to .01

    Must get on with MKII that will be more secure with a snapped ring.

  • Developer

    Ah nice. Sorry, my bad.

    I wouldn't say pig ugly....

    I will post mine when I finish it off. Personally I think practical is more important the beauty but it is nice to get both :)

  • Thanks guys.

    Leonard, pics on page one. APM smack in middle below battery on ali block on 5mm foam.

    Do you need more photos?

    I am more convinced the key to a nice flying machine is lack of vibration, having experienced one with loads.

    Ive seen the videos of people balancing motors with bits of tape. Im too lazy, just mount the vibrating bits on rubber. I have not seen any issues that could be attributed to the extra lag in the system.

    ps MK2 design is pig ugly. Am having a re-think.

  • Vince, that looks like a smooth flying machine. Nice work.

  • Developer

    Where is your apm mounted? Looking great!! Could you take some photoes?

  • Messing about in stab mode

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