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  • Graham, it's quite surprising to see an admin brush this off as "Keyboard Police".  Perhaps you are not aware, but there is a very serious problem.  This is actually happening.  And yes, they are using our products and ideas.  This community should take the situation seriously and avoid anything like this.

    Types of Islamic State Drone Bombs and Where to Find Them
    The proliferation of armed, commercially sourced drones has become a fact of the current conflict in Iraq and Syria. Jund Al Aqsa, Hezbollah, so call…
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    Just laugh, Jimmy. It's the keyboard police with nothing better to do. Terrorists don't need to get ideas or products from you to do this kind of stuff as they've been doing it for long time now and have their own resources/ideas.

    Terrorists use vans for terror (OMG, shouldn't we ban vans?)

    Don't tell anyone about my blog post a few years ago detailing how to fully autonomously drop a parachute from an Arducopter.

    You could market it as a fish-bait dropper, very popular, and no nefariousness!

  • Has the world gone mad? I guess I will rename it the "Happy Happy Fun Drop" and everyone can take a deep breath. You can drop candy, tee shirts, water balloons, medicine, etc... There are several wired drop systems out there already. You don't like the marketing, it get it, but get serious. Making a system to carry things without having to modify your drone is an idea I thought would be welcomed. This is the DIY Drones website right? I have made the cheapest drone parachute on the market and nobody cried that I was dropping a bomb. Yes it could sacew your drone, but what if the drone was filled with explosives? A hammer is a great tool used everyday. If you hit me in the head with it, I will go to the hospital. I dropped a cantaloupe from 50 feet and filmed it in slow motion, it was awesome. This PC culture is something I will never understand. I am making a flame-thrower next (not kidding)

  • With all the respect: How do you know where you are dropping the cargo if camera is not pointing downwards?

    As I see in your web page and above comments, the problem you are trying to solve is to drop grenades which I respect but completely repudiate and encourage you NOT to publish any more work or results on this

  • ABS right now. I can print PLA. I also have some of that Carbon Fiber stuff.

  • MR60

    Very clever system. Do you print them in PLA or other material ?

  • I have delivered beers (12 oz) to my local golf course several times to friends. I let them know it's coming and they stand below and catch. I get within I can easily get close enough to drop on a front/back lawn without looking down. As far as glorified "candy dropper" tests with 16 oz bottle of water. (1 lb), the hover time was 11 minutes with the result of a nearly overcooked battery and very hot motors. I would like to think it could at least be called a "glorified weed dropper" ;-) Real tired of the terrorist angle, it's just dumb. I am sure if I could bring a tool to a guy on a tower or bring someone an Epipen you'd change your tune. For $20 bucks it's obviously for fun, but yea lots of Middle East orders. I even include a string to pull the grenade pin.

  • Unintended obviously. -- as this is a glorified candy dropper. The truth is that genie is well and truly out of the bag. Google ISIS and Drones. Just read this as well.

    ISIS is weaponising consumer drones and we can't stop them – yet
    The terrorist group is already strapping grenades to drones as it fights to retain the Iraqi city of Mosul, but what happens if airborne terror comes…
  • It's not just the wording.  It's the whole thing. 

    I'm sure you'll get a lot of orders from the middle east. 

  • Agree with Rob wholeheartedly. The wording could have been chosen with a little more care.
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