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    Nick, Phillip, and all other hardware devs,

    why not making it closed source? I am sure most users/integrators do not care because they will never change the harware design (at least 99,999%). It is much more likely they touch the firmware. I also suggest to make two versions of each board: one with the common "cheap" sensors and one more expensive version with better sensors like the RM3100 mag (and additional features like the IMU  heater integrated in the Pixhawk 2). Not really sure if it needs to be two versions acutally... But might be an option to serve both DIY and commercial applications.

  • Nicholas Whitham can you change your posting title to: Hobbyking selling counterfeit low quality clone Pixracer. Seriously. Will ning allow this?
  • Ya....the Chunese guys are either too hungry or have mice in their IC stores.... :-)

  • Managed to make a close up of my broken barometer, compass and mpu9250, doesn't look too good.


  • Phillip, go ahead and protect your parts.
    Make it as difficult as possible for cloners
    who do not contribute.

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  • Yeah, if anybody should be shamed, it is HobbyKing for retailing and legitimizing this blatant knock-off, which, if nothing else, is infringing on AUAV's copyright, but also hurting their reputation (because of same).  But also harming their business directly.

    I don't know why 3DR would consider partnering with them.

    It's one thing to make cheap crap under your own name.  It's quite another to do this.  It's just an example that HobbyKing will do anything for a buck.

  • Phillip - I have long since thought it was ridiculous to beat up on people to release their design files. As has been pointed out it can be re-created easily from schematics so it is not really the serious IP in the project, but at least force the shoddy shops to make lots of errors. They cannot even get it right with the full design files. So I applaud your move here. And Hobbyking should be shamed into withdrawing this 'counterfeit' if it has AUAV on the board. Let them take the time and effort to at least make their version of it. When I get a moment I will spam their message board on this item in their catalog.

  • I buy it from china and is a clone one for sure.....

  • Good move Phillip, I support you not giving the design files.  This crap has gone on long enough and is destroying this industry, despite all the talk from those who defend open source as a religious movement.  It is not realistic in today's world.  It may have worked 20 years ago, but it does not work now.  The vast majority of end users do not need that detail, and it only serves to make it easier for others to copy it. 

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