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I just posted about this on the APM dev list, but it would be great to get some participation in a drones.stackexchange site.  For those not familar stackexchange/stackoverflow is a great web format for asking questions and getting answers.  The person who asks the question marks the best answer (karma?) and (hopefully) a whole ecosystem of drone users helping other drone users develops.  I think it has the potential to be possibly an even better way of doing many of the Q&A type posts here on diydrones.

I've just created a proposal to have a, and now is the point where stackexchange does an evaluation to see if there is enough interest to make the site.  Can you please help?

The steps are easy:

  1. Go here and choose to follow this proposed group.
  2. Post a sample question of the sort you'd think a drones Q&A site could answer.
  3. Upvote the questions that you think are the best examples of the sort of Q&A a site like this could provide.
  4. (optional) Please pass the word on various other drone sites.

After we pass the hurdle of 50 followers/upvoted questions then the site will go live and we'll see how useful it is (or is not).  I promise to promptly answer any andropilot questions ;-)

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  • Developer

    Andrew - I totally agree!  I didn't know about that stack exchange.  I'll support that instead and update this groups description as appropriate.

  • @Andrew Lynch,

    Maybe. Here, I added a question to the robotics stack exchange, let's see how that goes.

  • a robotics stack exchange is in beta now and its still trying to get up the proper numbers.  

    I think forming a drones stack exchange will see similar issues.  Why not just put all the effort into one robotics/drones/RC community on stack exchange 

  • This is an interesting idea, I'm following... But how does this compliment/work with the existing DIYDrones forum format? Is it splitting the community, in essence a fork? Stack exchange has some great features, if it works out it could be a more efficient way to share knowledge.
  • Moderator

    I added a couple of "generic RC" questions that seem to pop up a lot, such as a couple about propeller orientation and reversing.  I'm interested to see how those question get voted relative to "pure" drone questions.

  • Moderator

    @Kevin, I used to use stack overflow as my evening time-waster before I got hooked on drone flying!

  • @Jon: +1

  • @Jon, UAV and UAS kinda limits the questions to aerial robots. The word Drone/Drones covers the entire spectrum of autonomous vehicles.
    Just my 2 cents.

    Joshua Johnson

  • How about UAV or UAS instead of drone?

  • I was thinking just the other day why isn't there a drones QA at stackexchange :) Will support.

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