Power failure over water

Really wanted to capture that sunset over the estuary. With no warning the engines stopped and it fell out of the air on the second flight out. Really should have had that GoPro in its waterproof case - at least the memory card worked. Spent about 30 min in that knee deep stinking mud.

A few lessons learned ...

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  • What version of arducopter were you running?
  • Hmmm sorry. Don't know what happened to the rest of my answer. Just buy a replay xd. The customer service will take care of you no matter what. Slammed mine onto a street after a midair collision with another fpv plane in my x8. Sent it back to replay, they sent me a new one. I've heard plenty of stories like this online.

  • T3
    What's an "re"?
  • Just buy a re
  • T3
    Here's one for everyone. Walmart gives 3 years of warranty for $39 for $399 camera. I'm in on this!
  • mP1... That is awesome!! I will post in the main blog. I think everybody should know this exist! What a find, and thanks for sharing!

  • @charlie try opale-paramodels.com and look at the parachute rescue systems. they have a YT vid showing the parachute saving a copter after cutting the power. just ordered one , here goes a happy crasher ;]

  • That looks awesome! Let me know if you get to implement, and take some pics. Would be great for maiden flights and new version testing. That should be a product on DIYDrones Store!!!!!

  • Yes i bought a parafoil from hobbyking just for this a few weeks back. They are dirt cheap and pretty big. Im sure one could easy hold up a hex which is about 2k at most. I will have to test once i rebuild my smashed hex :)

  • I thought about that!!! not that I know how to do it, but thinking on having a second RX powered by an extra battery just to trigger a parachute. That or just fligh in soft grass :s

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