Probably the smallest arducopter frame?


A long long time since I published last time, I'm drawing something fun and I thought you would like to see it!

It is a small frame all cnc machined from delrin sheet for 5" propellers. It seems a crazy project but i have a friend flying this kind of multicopters and it is really fun!

It is not originally thought for Arducopter but I recently purchased some Ardupilot 2.6 and i am seriously thinking to install one of them here.

Dimensions (center to center)

right to left = 165mm

front to back = 145mm

HD camera: Mobius



Ipad size comparison:


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  • high cg? not really... battery is almost level with the props (especially if they have shafts)

  • Very cool! I have been wanting to build a mini-UAV for some time now. Do you think you will be commercializing this at all, or would you share your build-log? 

  • @ruwan - around 10mins on a 1000ma 3s. Hovers at 1/3 throttle, so think it should be able to take fpv gear and mobius

  • Hi Jose,

    Really nice frame, I like working in Delrin too.

    I think really small quadcopter frames are very important for the future of our whole hobby / passion.

    Laws are likely to be a little easier to swallow regarding these and they are inherently a lot safer.

    And the ability to get smaller and smaller HD video cameras and FPV cameras is definitely getting better.

    I like your frame and also your add on battery and camera support deck.

    Can't wait to see more details on it.

    Best Regards,


  • Any chance in integrating this anti-vib mount into the frame?

  • Moderator

    @Jose, great work!

    @Alex, nice quad, what is the flying time and payload capability?

  • Really like the top section for Möbius and battery. I was planning on putting battery underneath, but I might borrow your idea !

  • Nice. Been building something similar myself. Current body takes OpenPilot but was planning KK 2.0 and APM variants. Designing the extra hard points for video at the moment !

  • Looks good! seems pretty "printable" as well. 

  • I can see that you used my Ardupilot and GPS drawings for your project. :) It feels good when something you done helps other people.

    Good luck with your project :)

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