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  • 3D Robotics
    +1 on John Church's suggestion. I'd buy a few hundred to sell in the DIY Drones store!
  • Hello,
    I built the laser itself
    It is a CO2 laser with 120W
    The travel is 1600mm x 800mm

    if more have interest
    I could lasered it for a few dollars
  • Moderator
    Nice enclosure. :) You should put it up at if you don't want to produce them yourself... They have a variety of materials for the consumer to choose from as well.
  • I found the PERFECT foam for the gyros and mags for anti-vibration.
    You all have heard and seen the commercial for Tempurpudic mattress where the girl jumps on one end and the glass of wine on the other end that doesn't spill ?
    Look them up on the internet and request a free sample. Perfect size and it REALLY kills the vibration, especially on ArduCopter.
    Put this stuff in the box under and around the mega and you will be all set.
  • garolite FR4. Same material as the PCB itself. Ever notice how strong they are?
  • Wow!, you have a laser cutter. Can you do small run side jobs. You need to start a web site and go into business. A machine like that needs to work for a living to justify the cost.
  • Would it hold up well in a crash do you think? What sort of material would be best for a crash resistant enclosure?
  • I`m not sure , but i think that could affect the correct readings of the pressure sensor .
  • What power laser? Try it out of 1/16" garolite (works on a 40W laser at low speed, full power). Garolite would be much nicer/ much stronger.
  • looks nice. I see you have some vents to cool it down
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