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3689502714?profile=originalThrough my K1ckstarter for Kickstarter app on Google Play I ran into project Volare.

The goal of Volare is to build an autonomous plane to be able to complete 200 mile(100miles each way) round-trip journey. We plan to build it big and strong enough to be able to carry a 5lb package and be able to drop it at the destination on its round-trip journey.

I backed the project and hope others will follow!

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  • Just stay under 400 feet. 

    The FAA "rules" about LOS say "Expected" to maintain LOS.

    Expected is much much different than "Shall" or "Will". I am sure the FAA has hoards of lawyers who vet every publication, and there is a reason they wrote Expect, instead of Shall. I believe it's because they knew that while aircraft that fly "as a model"  are expected to be continuously remote controlled by a user on the ground (at the time of the writing), it might happen that you can not maintain LOS. I'm not any lawyer, but I interpret this to mean, stay under 400 feet, stay over 5 miles from any type of airfield or landing spot, don't hit anything and don't crash and you should be good. Many people will disagree with me. 

  • Thanks, I am not quite sure what altitude I plan to cruise at. Yes, I am figuring that out now that I have started building the structure, but hopefully all will work out well.

  • Thanks for bashing my idea/project guys..

    Everyone is saying how am I going to do this under $600. Well it's not going to be under $600 its going to be over, but the money will get most of the project done and then the rest will be out of pocket..

    About FAA Regs, They will allow me to have it fly itself. I just have to be able to see it the whole trip and have control of the plane in case anything fails..

  • This is a joke for sure....

  • Really...
    They cant afford $600?
  • 200 miles + 5lbs + autonomous? Any single one of those is hard enough on a $600 budget. The kickstarter should be updated with a proposed bill of materials so viewers can lend constructive criticism and the proposal can be modified to be more realistic.

  • Here's the build log It appears there actually building a scale model of a cargo transport yeah. Well at least they aren't asking for 180,000

  • This is a joke...

  • Plenty of challenges, but "we plan to rigorously test," so, ok then. Problem solved.

  • 3D Robotics

    $600 goal? No details at all on how they plan to accomplish this? I love Kickstarter, but don't understand why they approved this one. Among other things, it violates the Kickstarter rule about "no renders". Also, why is the picture of a commercial transport?

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