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    People are afraid that kids with "drones", behaving like kids flying over people and in unsuited places. Are gonna be the end of this hobby. But they are not the problem.

    Companies like this with commercial interests willing to say pretty much anything to get on the news, are the real threat.

  • They could use the generator from Iron Man suit ;-)

  • Moderator

    The trouble is stacks of people believe these claims and then the cries of privacy privacy start to rise and or outlandish business plans arrive on the desks of important people that would buy into a service that when trialled would just fail. This then dents the confidence of potential technology investors. The roll out of worldwide ICAO UA regs by 2028, expect first basic set in 2015 will put all these people back in the box. Wish it would happen a little quicker though to stop people being ripped off.

  • 3D Robotics

    Feds are calling BS on them, too.

  • I can't believe how obvious their lies are to anyone with a bit of rc experience. Take a look at the microdrone uav and not that they claim only 1H22min as maximum flight time with lots of various custom bits to help them get there. These guys look like they bought a kit off hobbyking and they claim it can fly for 4 hours... pshhh... por.. fa... vor...

  • So, how long is the cord that goes back to the ground for power?

  • Fuel cells?  Gen Sets?  Look at it, it's tiny.  No way.

  • Maybe it is a hybrid, with generator run by rc plane engine.

  • Remember light as a feather pick up with 2 fingers!

  • @Billy Chan

    Good point but hydrogen will need to be in high pressure. Current cells has 50% efficiently most of the time.

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