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  • The 41/2-foot-wide Aether Aero, which resembles a small helicopter, can fly up
    to 4,000 feet high and, with a specially built battery, can operate up to four
    hours at a time, Winter said. It is equipped with a 109x optical zoom camera,
    can lift up to 50 pounds and is so light it can be picked up with two fingers,
    according to Chris Knott, United Drones' director of corporate development.

    Honestly, if someone did discover such a battery, why would it first be seen on the market inside a drone at a convention?  There area so many other legitimate uses for such an advanced technology.


    I'm not normally the type of person that spouts government conspiracy around every corner, but this sure sounds suspiciously like lies to try to scare the general public...


    Oh, the time is currently 2:35CST on the 29th of August, and the united  drones page that was linked to is blank, looks like it might have been removed?  The news article is still good.


  • "Powered by fuel-cells" or maybe a "hybrid solution". Did somebody a weight & power calculation for such drones?

  • It's undoubtedly powered by a Zero-Point Module (ZPM).  

  • If you look closely at this picture from their website, you can see that the vehicle is branded as WASP, not "Aether-Aero."  Makes me wonder if the guy just found some pictures of a quad online, posted them along with some outrageous made-up specs, and conned his local newspaper into giving him free publicity.  If so, people are downright crazy.

  • What if it's a four legged blimp filled with helium/hydrogen?

  • Einstein figured this out long ago...


    But this Aether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable media, as consisting of parts which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it.

    <end snip

    From HERE

    Einstein's Aether and Relativity
  • All you guys have   have a good points,  it puts fear in the general public "Big Brother is watching You!" and it is just a Negative  for R. a whole.

  • can fly with fullcels

  • Distributor

    If it's battery powered I don't think it can fly 4 to 8 hours...

  • I think it is not possible , Todays battery and MOSFET technology's is not enough to flying 4 hours. I do not believe without seeing with my own eyes   

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