QuadroPixel, new generation of frames.










-up to 17inch props

-dimensions of the square 438mm x 438mm

-flight weight without gimbal - 2000 - 2600g + gimbal 500 - 1500g

-flight time with 15" props and 2pcs 11000mAh maxamp 55min+

-price about 600$

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  • Evan Coasts

    mn4010 - 475kv

    Kyle HamiltonMartin Guttesen 

    Our tests have shown that we lose no more than 3-4%

  • Very nice looking frame and I look forward to seeing it fly.

  • Latches would work too.


  • if you rotated the arms 90 degrees, so they were not so flat then you would probably get 5-8% more flight time

  • Looks great, probably doesn't blow around much in cross-winds. I wonder how much of a thrust reduction the wide arms directly in the prop wash cause.

  • Nice frames. Looks like Dex has some competition http://dexmodels.com/. I have a Dex mini and love it except the fact that the payload bay is small and concave on the bottom. Quadropixel has improved upon that.

    DeXModels | Professional Multirotors
  • What motors did you use to get 55+ flight time with the maxamp batteries?

  • Morli, yeah, that would work. Even just some nice 1/4 turn locks would be fine.

  • Admin

    May be quick release locks will do the trick .  Looks nice

  • Very sexy!
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