RC transmitter joystick conversion

3689434797?profile=originalI have converted RC transmitter into joy stick using 10$ game controller and checked it with quad it fly's quad good . problem with original game controller was throttle control . Also added 6 position switch for mode control but the switch modes give some error  only stabilize and auto mode don't give error.

Attach please find few photos of conversion.3689434855?profile=original3689434922?profile=original

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  • Jason yes this stick also seem good for joystick.

  • Yeah? Why?


    Should of gone with this bad boy! :)


  • It is inexpensive transmitter and can also be used as rc simulator and i can take out the joystick from tx to make a custom controller.

  • No need to hack up your transmitter.

  • Not sure, but this is converting a RC transmitter so that it takes input from a PC joystick?

    Anyways, check this discussion out.  We've managed to figure a way to use the Mission Planner joystick control feature to operate the Quad with a joystick, attached to the PC, and communicating over telemetry port.



  • This is neat.Many TX potentiometers suck so maybe this game controller has better precision. 

  • If you like to fly only with joystick without using radio control you can use the joystick transmitter as this can control in same way as RC transmitter wear as USB joystick has all four stick  in center  and throttle cant work that way. 

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    I am just wondering what would be the advantage of doing this conversion? 

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  • What kind of more info you need, mode selector switch work fine in calibration mode but i think some bug in software may be Michael can answer that.  

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