RCAPA petitions the FAA, now its time to act.


Let the battle commence, people will be getting bored of me pushing this issue. But if you ever want to turn a dime with a UAS in the USA or have sensible rules for flight you had better start making a noise.

Patrick Egan starts his article in sUAS News like this

RCAPA cites incongruities in the UAS ARC charter and what is transpiring as part of an alleged “public process”. The charter and membership roster FOIA requested by sUAS News is applicable and of concern to the small business, end-user and academic community stakeholders. This egregious oversight is yet another example of what many in the global airspace integration community view as subpar leadership and questionable administrative actions taken by the UAPO (Unmanned Aircraft Program Office.) These and other purported irregular practices have been highlighted and are not going unnoticed by elected officials. It begs the question, at what point do we as taxpayers say, enough.

A letter to the FAA which is so far unanswered is also there.

This is just the first step, the NPRM process is ever closer and louder noise will be needed then.

RCAPA is free to join find them here and perhaps consider a tweet if you do such things.

Here is a copy and paste tweet.

HEY FAA UAS in the NAS today the RCAPA way… #FAA #UAS #UAV #diydrones #suasnews #AUVSI 

Join the Facebook page here and add support

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Lets try and make this Friday the 13th an interesting one in Washington.

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  • Oh yea, and thanks Patrick!

  • I am in the process of sending Patricks letter to EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE IN THE U.S.! I have covered all the states from Ca. to Texas so far and will continue till I have a letter to them all!!!

  • No problem... Let's turn up the heat!

  • Letters sent.  Thanks for your efforts on this Patrick.

  • I hope that you guys in the US work it out quickly, so that Canada can do the same as usual and follow the lead.

  • Three letters sent.

  • Good on ya John... That's what we're here for. 

    The hobby thing is ridding with the AMA. Currently no autonomous flights are allowed. From what the FAA has told me, no hobby autopilots. Enforcement is another issue... Folks can operate outside of the law, but that's not my idea of a relaxing hobby.

  • Moderator

    Senators McCain and Kyl have been made aware. Thank you for the assistance with your form letter.

  • @Patrick -- Does "no provisions for hobby..." mean that the activity will be banned, or just not regulated?

  • Good show Hans

    Get grassroots! Cut and paste the letter or get on the phone to your Federal representative. Tell the FAA to get off our back.

    This should interest everyone here as there are no provisions for hobby autonomous use. FPV is a concern...

    These two activities are hanging like a loose tooth. 


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