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  • Well.....I have a build blog with pics and video in it as well as the whole construction process here. Hopefully the link
  • Brett, could you please post some pics or videos of your cockpit setup. 

  • The thing about this design is it does NOT require any motors or actuators for motion. The movement of the joystick moves the seat cradle around the pitch and roll axis and then the motion/position of the seat cradle, through a mechanical input (under the seat) at the base, pushes/pulls (and side to side) the actual input to the controller. I have built a FPV full cockpit and have considered trying this type of system out for the motion but I got to tell you now that I have flown it.......I dont really miss the motion......When I am flying it I swear the thing is moving
  • Re: Uncoordinated flight.

    Yes, it would be fun to have motion associated with the flight but one would be very limited in regards to simulating realistic flight forces on a multirotor.

    With a motion simulator for a fixed-wing plane you could at least simulate the force vector associated with acceleration on takeoff and pitch changes (pitch back on takeoff roll, pitch back even more during rotation, etc), and of course roll would come in for uncoordinated flight.

  • Just take a MAVLINK feed from the telemetry, and bingo.


    This is basically the mother of all brushless "inverse gimbals" (it does 1:1 translation, not 1:1 compensation) - you'll need sub 0.1sec response times, and brushless motor levels of resolution. And you'd need some whopping huge motors...

  • Unless you're trying to simulate uncoordinated flight, I'm still trying to figure out what full motion simulation offers, especially for fixed wing

  • I'd love to see where the Oculus Rift will take us in the future! The time for the telemetry to translate into motor movement may prove too long however. Couple the already slow cockpit with a much faster video goggle and you got yourself a nausea machine! BTW, anyone here knows any good global shutter camera?
  • pppfffttt motion cockpit.  Dude, galvanic stimulation is where it's at, throw on some video goggles and you become the aircraft.

  • This is awesome, your screen will need to move with the seat if I understand it correctly?

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