Really fast RC jet


Radio controlled jet powered by a Jetcat P160 SE.
On the 23rd of May, this Jet has been lasered @ 586 KpH
Which makes it a 366 MpH plane

now all we need is a really fast working ardupilot

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  • We have similar project with Turbine Jet with APM 2.5  any suggestions on configuration?

  • hi guys i'm a newbie in amateur UAV universe and i'm working on a similar project so many thanks to Murat for bringing up this issue and to Matthew for pointing the insufficiency of GPS' plane is also jet powered and i want to fly it autonomously with friend suggested that i could use a second GPS or more to speed up the transfer speed..can i do that??

  • @Matthew Most GPS unite have a maximum working altitude. A lot of high altitude balloons have problems with that.
  • I heard a rumour from a man down the pub that gps modules have a software speed limit around 200kph.

    This is to prevent ppl from using them for military purposes.


    My source is working with a well funded balloon project so he knows some stuff.  Having said that, his memory was hazy and full of beer.


    We know our gps modules work over 200kph because ppl have recordings from them.

    I am wondering if there is a limit somewhere and what it is.


    They still have a way to go to beat the DS glider record at 717kph.

    Now that would be a interesting autopilot trick.

    New Dynamic Soaring World Record: 446 MPH !!!
    Hey, a new DS world record was flown by Spencer Lisenby at 446 mph on Monday, October 25th, in Weldon California. Let's convert that: 717.77...
  • Can you double you GPS update speed by using two and doing some trickery with their clock speeds?


  • @psycomaxter
    I was thinking the same thing. How the hell do you fly that fast without losing it or going out of range from your radio? Definitely awesome!
  • Would be a nice FPV plane !!


  • Is this a custom design plane ?Looks amazing :)
  • 3D Robotics

    at speeds like this gps update rates start becoming a real problem, but it would be insane nevertheless. 


  • That's crazy!

    Needs an Ardupilot :)
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