Received my new IRIS

Opening opening the box I noticed that everything was very well packed and well laid out. I really liked all the nice touches the came with the kit, from the wrench's, to the extra prop collets.


I made a couple of videos. Overall my impressions are very good. Out of the box I would say that it performs better than a phantom 2. I took a couple video's today with my cell so you'll have to excuse the video. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask

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  • Not sure if you figured it out yet, but that is most likely just a shell that came with the micro and not used with the Iris.  The micro sd should already be placed inside your Iris.

  • Ok.. what does one do with the SD card that came in the box ?? do I have to open her up and put in Pixhawk ?


  • To help everyone out here. There are two major GPS bands:

    L1: 1575MHz

    L2: 1227MHz

    Most GPS receivers only use the L1 band. 

    NEO-6M (Reference pg 6)

    LEA-6H (Reference pg 6)

    While the gps could potientally be susceptable at that frequency (1227MHz) it more likely is some emi bleed over and not the actual operating frequency. Many people use high power transmitters and some are not great at sticking to the specific frequency. This is why there are many filters out there for the 1200/1300MHz band. Some are because of harmonics though. 1200x2=2400MHz which is not so great for 2.4 stuff.

  • Even with one, some channels completely blocked all satellites.

  • Andrew, after Installed my 1.3ghz FPV TX I could not get a GPX fix. After trying all the channels of the VTX I found some that didn’t bother the GPS so now use only those. There is very little info on the net about this. I did have a filter on the 1.3 vtx output.

  • LouB,

    Yes, IRIS flys beautifully, there have been so many improvements since I started flying it in September. The problem was not IRIS' fault but mine. The crashed was caused by the over powered 1.3 GHz(1500mW) transmitter and the type of antenna(circular polarized) I switched to right before the crash. Since one of the GPS frequencies is 1227.60 MHz, and I was operating on 1280 MHz there was interference. Also, the antennas for GPS and FPV were very close which contributed to even greater interference.

  • Andrew,


    I'm new to this with Iris arriving this week. Do you feel the crash was caused by interference from the FPV equipment ?

  • I did not. Hopefully somebody else can comment

  • Danstah, did you hapen to order spare 3DR arm kit? if you did, what's the single arm weight and does anyone happen to know where i could find arm dimensions specs or at least hole distancing?

    much abliged

  • I am speaking specifically about the alt hold and loiter (GPS hold) modes. I was flying a phantom 2 the night before and it was really drifting around out of the box. 

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