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  • I did the same as MP1, and also used regulator with a 1000mA capacity... No more blown regulators.
  • There are easier soldering points to solder your new regulator.

    On the underside near the edge you will find 5v + gnd clearly marked and also some points under the pins for the gps. Connect 5v -> regulator -> 3.3 under the gps/i2c pins.  The last thing to do is remove the old dud regulator on the top and your 3.3v devices are now nice and happy. My suggestion is not as professional but its much easier to do :)

  • Great work Mark. It takes me back to the days when the APM boards were actually DIY!

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    Nice work, now how about a 'how to' video for the 32U2 mux chip? :)

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