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  • Holy cow, fully functional drone and swift wife, what more can a man possibly ask for? (Safety? yes, obviously nice).
  • @UnmannedTechShop:  Oh yeah?  You guys got some rain you can send our way?  Holy cow, total doubt here, almost right across all of North America.   Crop yields are going to be bad.  Food prices up!

  • I don't believe that a site that is for the furtherance of drones should allow the posting of irresponsible behavior with those drones.

  • Distributor

    Cool video!, Would be nice if we got a couple days of summer here in the UK...

  • Nice Propellers!

  • She is on the safe side, fitted with four airbags...

  • This is one new angle on foreplay....somehow doesnt work with my wifey! :)

  • Having 6 spinning props next to a face doesn't sound like a great idea...
  • Isn't that a lot of amps to hover inches over a small body of water with a person in it?

  • Definitely took a lot of work to win her over.  Fortunately, she never saw the latest hand injury post.

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