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David Wilhelm commented on Arnaldo Santos's blog post New personal UAV BlackFly Opener
"It's a 8kWh battery in the US spec, 12kWh international. I don't think the footage of a prop hang is time distorted; there is at least one shot of a full speed takeoff roll, shot from overhead, with the Blackfly on a grass hill. The specs state 3'…"
Jul 24, 2018
David Wilhelm commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post US drone registration rules to be announced today (Monday)
Dec 14, 2015
David Wilhelm commented on patrice.rance's blog post RITA IN THE POOL filmed with FLYDUSPIDER MultiWii 1.9. NO CAM STABILIZATION.
"Isn't that a lot of amps to hover inches over a small body of water with a person in it?"
Jul 19, 2012
David Wilhelm commented on Kirill's blog post IMAV 2012 Review
"Can you tell us a little more about the craft shown in image 5.jpg - is there a servo controlling the wing AoA or is it a passive hinge?  Did you happen to get any video of your craft flying the courses? Thank you very much for the report and photos!"
Jul 17, 2012