Robotics the Hobby of the Future Part 1

Robotics the Hobby of the Future Part 1

Article By: Joshua Johnson

Drones and robotics are being integrated into our lives at an extremely fast pace.  Do you ask yourself why?  It's because computer/robotics programs can preform tedious tasks over and over at a very high success rate.  Their is some kind of unmanned system in almost every piece of technology you own or use today.  If you own a Smart Phone for example they are very cheap affordable systems that are being converted at a low cost into amateur robotics and even corporate robotics.

With this fast paced integration of robotics into cars/transportation, medicine/healthcare, and our hobbies their will be people out there that will fear this.  It's our job as robotics hobbyists to help inform and educate the people who aren't informed.

With all the Military Drone news most people see on TV they have a bad image painted in their heads.  The amateur news articles showcasing great uses for these systems that could revolutionize our lives are often brushed aside.  I've seen hundreds of podcast's, video, and projects that are soon going to be hitting the market.  These products are going to change everything in our lives and the amount of free time we have in our lives.  The Google Map Cars for example have been driving around for years unmanned while avoiding accidents with unpredictable human drivers all around.  Soon we will be enjoying TV, Books, and entertainment all inside of our cars on our car rides.  We won't be driving cars soon just ridding in them.

I hope that fellow hobbyists feel the urge that I feel to educate and share with the misinformed that the technology that fuels our hobby is safe.  With all this technology and fast passed growth and expansion comes the laws and regulations.  Over the next 10 years we will see a rise in laws, regulations, permits, rules surrounding our hobby.  If we inform more people on the great uses the better the odds will be that Drone/Robotic Regulation will be less harsh on the average robotics/Drone hobbyist.  Everyday these technologies get cheaper and cheaper to produce and innovate new affordable products with.  Stay informed and educated so you don't miss out on this fast paced hobby.

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  • Hi Josh,

    With regards to your written piece, nice work! It's certainly normal for people to be "afraid" of what they don't understand fully, such as with drones. What little most people see/hear/read about them is specifically related to their use in combat. When you hear about a drone strike on TV that killed several people, this is bound to give drones a bad image. Which of course everyone here knows, the vast majority of drones in don't carry weapons nor do harm (other than an occasional finger cut from a rotor blade... whoops!).

    With regards to your blog posts, like Greg, everyone is certainly entitled to their fair opinion. I personally thing DIYDrones blog posts appearing on the front page is a valuable asset to all those here, and it should be utilized with great care & respect. Occasional posts announcing major events, such as the launch of a new site (specifically drone related) is of value. However, daily posts (even multiple posts daily) that are specifically regarding the updates made to a personal website, well, perhaps those might be best left on the personal website. I think we can all agree there. :-) Keep up the good work!

  • I'm sorry you feel that way but I have gotten a lot of messages and questions about these subjects. I'm going to post a lot less frequently. But I'm going to keep pressing on and providing information to the people that ask for it. Sorry Greg
  • I wasn't going to say any thing earlier even though I wanted to, so it will say it now. Please stop wasting blog space on the diy drones main page. Did you notice that you have very little interest by the community in your daily posts? Your videos and and commentary are timely, but uninteresting technically or practically to drone amateur uav operators. You just seem to be a little over exposed and more interested in new media than actual substance. Give it a break already, please.

This reply was deleted.