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  • Looks that way Mark,  this was probably the platform:


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    Well I should think that the lack of a rush to recreate this in the UK is because our journos will realise with a tiny bit of research that unless they were licenced it would be illegal and the regulations are in place to prosecute.

    If you were to get the right bits of paper from the CAA or CASA it would be an interesting service to sell, and perfectly legal.

    Should you happen to be in the USA though its actually a couple of years out. It must be very annoying for all the people waiting in the wings to start. The FAA certainly don't seem to have any teeth though.
  • Ahhh, thanks Gary!  That DOES look more familiar!  Looks, however, like this is going to be a growing issue.  We all know how exciting it is when you realise you can get aerial footage just about anywhere.  Now the cat's out ot the bag, I've no doubt there're already some smarter journos out there already ordering Mikrokopters, et al.  Here's hoping it doesn't lead to ever-tightening UAV laws, but it basically has to.....
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    Nick look at my post on the previous page, and then see how rubbish it does look when CNN tries the same trick
  • The question remains: was this an ARDrone?  Hard to imagine footage this stable from an ARDrone, even in perfectly still conditions.  #11 keycam could get this quality, but the stability..  If this IS from an ARDrone, I'd love to read what clever techniques made it possible!
  • It was 


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    The watermark say "perspectiveAerials".  Perhaps it was done by these people?

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    Yes, here we have a Bonanza that circles and directs the bombers.

    They have a FLIR onboard to see through the smoke.


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    As far as I remember in the case of a forest fire there is a local air controller from the forest service  who has authority for the area.
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