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  • Very true.
  • not always and really you never go strait out and strait back now do you? you weave about a little and around stuff
  • It should say 10km range as you always want the bird to come back.
  • Hey, this is a marketing video. Everything is easy then. But i agree that the concept and handling looks very smooth.
  • If you want to get the plane back, wouldn't the range be more like 10km?
  • @Ahmad....pretty simple math... at 40km/hour....would be 20km in 30 minutes.
  • Speed 30 to 50 km/hour endurance 30 minutes than how its range can be 20km?
  • OPERANTIONAL RANGE - is that the same as RADIUS?
  • Just to put things straight, since Dec 1st, 2009, all UAVs must remain in LOS in Switzerland, down to - and including - 0g MTOW. Below 500g, there are however no location restrictions, i.e. you can fly nearby airfields etc, which you can't with UAVs/RC aircrafts above 500g. Law:
  • ...under 500g don't go under the swiss uav legislation. You can virtually do what you want...
    Approximate weight of an average american crow. We need this latitude,
    a very reasonable 'precedent' for the FAA and AMA to consider, here in the ..... land of
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