SenseFly Ebee head impact test

Danish Aviation Systems recently made a head impact test with eBee drone and upload the results today. 

Interesting video, from the description:

DAS have today conducted a human crash test to see what the effects of an eBee hitting a human direct in the head.
please see the link for result.

eBee during landing = 8.75J 
Frisbee = 15,8J
American football = 45J

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  • This was posted on this site before but see what happens when a Phantom meets an unreal bikini girl!!  At the very least it is a n interesting demonstration of rotor guards.

  • A little gory / not for the squeamish, but this is what happens when a seagull makes the poor decision to fly into the rotor of an R-22. A foamy would likely come off similar, but I'm not sure about the LiPos or how much more damaging something like a quadcopter would be.

  • I can hear the ground station/control still controlling the plane stabilization, how bout flying with zero power and null  gyro stabilization control in similar situation where all power and control fail due to battery failure or lost signal, i'm sure the result will be different because i used fly an epp 380gram flying wing and it hurts my chest.

  • Kinda think of it most Micro Foamy UAV would be instantly obliterated if it hits a manned aircraft. these are smaller than your common Duck

    can anyone do a 2nd computation for the eBee on the same equation

  • Moderator

    Through the tail would be a fairer heli test. I think most main blades would send the Phantom back to China.

  • Makes Sense , now we need to prove it doesn't harm Manned aircraft in flight impact test . this is What FAA wants to see.

  • 100KM
    Yes expensive, but that's a valid safety test I think.
  • Moderator

    Sounds kinda expensive to me... talk to the NTSB or NASA.  

    (I would have said the FAA, but nowadays they're not on my good guy list)

  • 100KM
    Could someone please put a phantom through the prop of a helicopter (in a controlled test!!) so we can settle that argument once and for all!
  • Good stuff.  Nice data, and then putting his money where his mouth is.

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