Shhhh.... be vewy quiet, we're hunting Dwones!

I stumbled upon this... um... interesting video on Youtube.  Amazingly over 500,000 people have already watched it.  I think for the most part it's just some guys having fun with guns.  But it's another interesting insight into the growing fearmongering about domestic drones.

The statement that "The first person to shoot down a drone will be folk hero" is probably quite true I think.

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  • Maybe you should re-purpose the second ammendment.  "... the right to bear ARM processors..."  


  • -I wonder what the guys in the video think about domestic drones patrolling the Mexico/US border for illegals...

    -Guns don't kill people, people kill people...

    -Drones don't spy on people, people spy on people....

    -If they make private use of drones illegal, can i mount a pistol on mine and claim 2nd amendment rights? :)

  • Im confused why someone would basicly attack anothers passtime/hobby when the laws governing his own hobby /passtime are under scrutiny aswell.I must be wierd but i would of thought rallying together would be more effective for both rc/drone users and gun owners in preventing governing bodies from knee jerk reactions.

    (note to self stop using that word(Drone)) 

    (note to self stop using that word (gun or weapon))


  • Maybe you would like to move back Darrell, I'll buy your ticket. 

  • I wonder what 'pro' gear they plan on shooting?....gotta even it up and have a ace pilot on the job!

  • Cowboys :-(

  • I would highly encourage anyone with strong feelings towards the fevered anti-drone legislation to take a step back and see the similarities towards the current anti-gun push. Highly reactionary and emotional responses, media feeding-frenzy, stating lack of "legitimate use", politicians with no real technical knowledge on the subjects which they create laws...Does anyone remember the firestorm after a girl was seriously injured in Florida by people flying an RC heli in a public park?

    Regardless of your views on the current anti-gun panic, take heed of the red flags. There are a lot more people/groups who feel strongly for 2nd amendment rights than there are "pro-droner's", which is all the more reason to be very vocal towards your elected representatives. I've written several of mine stating where I stand in keeping my 2nd amendment rights, and I would encourage each and every one to do the same on this subject as well. Remember, politicians are workers who have careers only as long as they are re-elected, and are "promoted" by putting their name in bold print on successful legislation

  • I have guns, and drones... next!

  • Moderator

    OK so let me get this straight....people all over the USA are getting their nickers in a knot over some 'potential' privacy issues....but their not worried about a bunch of people with high powered weapons and explosives? Seems like some people have their prioriteis out of order!

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