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GLEN BROCKHURST commented on William Davidson's blog post Market Survey/ What is needed?
"Just to put my bit in as well using previous posts and wishes, I'm not specifically making any uav for any special purpose like mapping, measurements stock control, rescue and so on the list seems to be endless for ideas on what to use them for and…"
Jan 4, 2015
GLEN BROCKHURST commented on X-Winder's blog post Lifeguard Drone Ready For Mass Production
"Nice idea, I guess it will come down to a cost , volunteer lifeguard or drone at a cost of ? , maybe a dedicated beacon you wear and trigger if in trouble, bit like an epirb"
Oct 28, 2014
GLEN BROCKHURST replied to Franc's discussion Quad overpowered, ...now underpowered?? HELP!
"Having a similar problem myself which I am yet to sort out, my 450 quad use to fly fine using a 5000mah 3c and have no problems with flight time or power but for some reason it will now struggle with flight time an with in a minute or so it shows…"
Sep 8, 2014
GLEN BROCKHURST replied to Sandy Sound's discussion APM 2.5 with APM Planner and 3d Radio issues
"Hi Sandy this may or not help but change your mode channel cable to 8, this is the channel mine was on when i got my apm
cheers Glen"
Jul 13, 2014
GLEN BROCKHURST left a comment for Graham Cheetham
"Hi Graham
Have been into fpv UAV and general flying for awhile now, currently have 1 quad with
apm 2.5 and a bixler 2 with apm 2.6 but as lee said sometimes it is a slow process with
work and family life and the weather.
Im tinkering with a fpv…"
Jul 10, 2014
GLEN BROCKHURST commented on Rolf Stefani's blog post Airbus submits patent application for windowless jet cockpit. Fully opaque cockpit would let pilots navigate with viewscreens and holograms
"Wow! that would be a scary thing based on how airlines run these days,I would half guess that maybe they are just covering by getting a patent on it that if the opposition decides it wants to do it then the cash register starts to ring for
Jul 10, 2014
GLEN BROCKHURST replied to Clinton Mills's discussion My Hexa won't take off (Video attached), Prop issue??
"You will need equal numbers of clockwise and anticlockwise spinning props to have a chance of getting of the ground at all
the props you have from my quick look do not appear to be designed for multicopter use so they may not have an opposite,
Mar 3, 2013
GLEN BROCKHURST commented on Rob_Lefebvre's blog post Shhhh.... be vewy quiet, we're hunting Dwones!
"Im confused why someone would basicly attack anothers passtime/hobby when the laws governing his own hobby /passtime are under scrutiny aswell.I must be wierd but i would of thought rallying together would be more effective for both rc/drone users…"
Feb 25, 2013
GLEN BROCKHURST commented on Dave G's blog post Ars Technica: "Here’s the drone the county sheriff wants to fly over your backyard"
"I agree with the above and add that people need to get over themselves  thinking that every government department actually gives a sh#*t what you get up to in your own back yard.If your not breaking the law then you
pretty much assured you wont have…"
Feb 15, 2013
GLEN BROCKHURST posted a discussion
Hi Guys I have a mate who has just tried seting up telemetry 3dr radios and the home base modulewont  connect so we went to try and upload new firmware but it fails to enter command mode ,is there a workaround or is it fried?cheersGlen
Feb 2, 2013
GLEN BROCKHURST replied to GLEN BROCKHURST's discussion AMP 2.5 Esc's fire up as soon as power applied to board?
"Hi Doug Yes they all fire up but only when i use these esc i have since used some turnigy plush esc and all is fine when connecting lipo nothing will arm unless i tell it to as expected, I have a kkboard not in use, i will try them with that to see…"
Dec 18, 2012
GLEN BROCKHURST posted a discussion
Any one had this happen before? the esc's are a non configurable type from st450 quad which came with a bumble bee flight controller, they are high speed 500khzcheersGlen
Dec 17, 2012
GLEN BROCKHURST commented on Chris Anderson's blog post iRobot co-founder's drone company decloaks
"Good luck to them if it is viable for certain situations, and the gov bodies are daft enough to fork out the doe , last time i checked spying involved stealth and quite, but im old school."
Dec 7, 2012
GLEN BROCKHURST commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Guy renders gorgeous fantasy UAV, then 3D prints it
"Nice looking design and as above ,would it achieve in the field, if it has a self recharging power source on board
then we would be talking."
Dec 6, 2012