I'm going to mount this 10 x zoom camera under wing inside fuselage in my Skywalker. There is space for it. it will be pointing out to the left side of the plane because the FY 21 AP will turn left in circle mode.

The system are very simple and also low cost. The servo got mems gyro inside. I know it wont stabilize the camera 100 % but I think it will be OK for armature UAV flying.

I got the servo from Dunehaven.

I'm able to zoom in and out by 3 position switch on remote.

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  • @Lew

    The Sony Block camera (or another model of it) is what is inside the CC Tase module as far as I know. I love those cameras. I'm digitizing a 10x optical zoom model (I think FCB-EX20D) for Project Andromeda at the moment. Great little cameras, emphasis on little.
  • Very similar to what I purchased... the Sony FCB-EX1010 block camera (36x optical zoom, 432x total zoom, serial/TTL port control, contrast zone, motion detect, picture freeze, etc). Oh, and both composite as well as s-video out, for those of us who want to digitize the video.
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    Also remember the camera on also comes with zoom controller PnP. I'm sure there are other 10xcams out there but I'm not sure you will find a better price. ;-)
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    yep , coz they cost a mountain of money :)
  • LOL, I'm actually at CloudCap looking at their Tase Duo cameras this week. Didn't realize they make a rock solid auto-pilot as well, the Piccolo.
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    Most of the models from Mintron looks like 300$+. There may be a better option. Let me check.
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    iw28 , Tshado , pls let us know their quoted price once they reply. thanks.
  • Thanks John,Guido, and iw28
    I will also send an email to them and let you know
  • @tshado,
    I have found this site regarding the zoom camera, right now Iam contacting them.
    MINTRON home
    HD cameras, ex-sdi, ahd camera, WDR, CVI, DVI, HDMI, HD-sdi, HD fiber camera
  • Try CCDdirect, this one look the same but with enclosure.
    Maybe they could supply the OEM module or contact Mintron directly for a local distributor.
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