I'm going to mount this 10 x zoom camera under wing inside fuselage in my Skywalker. There is space for it. it will be pointing out to the left side of the plane because the FY 21 AP will turn left in circle mode.

The system are very simple and also low cost. The servo got mems gyro inside. I know it wont stabilize the camera 100 % but I think it will be OK for armature UAV flying.

I got the servo from Dunehaven.

I'm able to zoom in and out by 3 position switch on remote.

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    Mintron is a OEM manufacturer, but they have no problem selling low quantities if you contact them. Should cost around $200 each. I am afraid I do not know of any web shop for Mintron at the moment.
  • hello John,
    I was not able to find a shop and price for this Mintron MTV-54G15H camera...
    Could you please provide an Url link?
    Thanks, Jean-Claude
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    If you are looking for a good 10x optical zoom mini module camera, I would recommend the Mintron MTV-54G15H. 525/625 lines, 2.5lux(color), 0.07lux monochrome, rs232C or TTL control. Lots of features. One in particular I find useful is BLC (Back Light Correction) zones. If you tell the camera to only use the lower part of the image for exposure correction, the ground will still be visible when flying in direct sunlight.


  • Thanks, hooks. I should of just ask you the wt. It is good to know, for wt. & bal. calcs.
  • Here's another post about the gyro-stabilized servo and such.
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    Of cause the weight are not 0.5 kg is around 200 g - shipping weight is with pan tilt + plastic protection + transport box. I will try put it on a weight and take a picture.

    Image sensor: 1/4 Inch CCD
    Resolution 540 TVL
    0.5 Lux minimum illumination
    Lens 10xoptical F1.8W ~ 2.9T f=4.2mm
    Fokus: Auto/manual

    At the moment this is the best on marked for the price.

    About shaking and dumping: of cause it can take some scratches, but is not made for really rough handling.
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    yep , 20k+. , I think one team is working on diystyle gimbals but no dates or detail out yet. But is much much lower cost , simpler yet similar mechanism as far as I know. let see.
  • yes the TASE Gimbal is great but I believe its like 20K maybe something a bit more simple in design and certainly cost.
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    shipping weight I think
  • Hooks, does that camera really weigh 0.5 Kg. the specs say 0.50 KGS. I don't know what a KGS is if it's not a Kg ? That seems very heavy for its size.
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