SimpleOSD OPEN for DIY OSD Project


Hi Everyone,


Maybe you know, we are manufacturing SimpleOSD since tree years and i'm planning to converting it to opensource since one years. 

2 month before Dennis Frie contact with me for an opensource OSD hardware, because he was developing an opensource firmware over Arduino base. I replaced a SimpleOSD board with arduino boot and 16Mhz crystal and sent to test. Results was very impressive and Dennis shared the code with SimpleOSD board support. Now We calling this boards as SimpeOSD OPEN



Today we finished the production of first 20 units of SimpleOSD OPEN boards and they are in stocks now.

Dennis developing MultiCopter and FPV type OSD screens on the firmware and maybe you can help him about APM or other autopilot compatible firmwares? 


Here is the DIY OSD topic on RCG 




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  • @Jhon,

    It is very stable with current firmware.

  • what about a stable text? like EzOSD, RVOSD, DragonOSD...

  • IMO, what really would be nice is to added the ability to function as a Slave on the I2C bus without the usage of the wire.library.

  • @Kim,  yes you can, just send the angle values from your IMU over serial port and add some code for horizon line.

    @hamadivo, follow the project page on rcg, all codes there.

  • Hi,

    nice work, can you share the sources?

  • what about artificial horizon?

  • @Mike & Thomas, thank you for your support.

    @Bart, yes we can sell them but i dont know the way, because we have already a web shop for our designs and it depends the perspective of DIYStore owners. Another problem is our very small production quantities, we have to resolve this problem first. :/

  • I wish you would have posted a week ago, you'd have sold another one in a heartbeat. Looks very nice.


    Any plans on selling through the DIYStore? If I get some spare change to grab one, I'd be happy to help with the APM compatible firmware coding (was thinking of trying it with the Remzibi I just got, but not sure i'll be keeping it anymore).

  • Nice clean concept, now there are only 18 in stock  ;)




  • Moderator

    I look forward to helping however I can when it arrives here.

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