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  • These're supposed to come with the airflow holes such as those in the picture, aren't they? I ordered one on Monday and received it today, and it's just one solid piece. No ventilation holes in the nose.

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    I think Bevrc had these already but they have been having some out-of-stock problems lately. But yeah tail protection would be good too.

  • it wouldnt cost that much. i get my kevlar for around $30 a yard (you can find it cheaper ive seen as low as $15/yd) and the kevlar yarn (continous strand non woven, i.e. raw)  is only around $15 for 1250yd. resin is around the same price for a pint and you would only use around 1.5 floz per a protector. you could easily get 6 or more from a yard of kevlar puting the manufacture cost  around $10 each minus labor. the yarn isnt really needed but it will make the contacting surface much slicker than woven fabric therefore able to resist more abrasion.  it dosent need to be thick like it might need to be for glass fiber, 2mm would be more than enough.

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    No one would pay 60 USD belly protection for 99 usd foam plane.

  • you should try using a kevlar composite. superior abrasion resistance to fiberglass and it would cut out a few grams of weight. the best resin ive used so far for the kevlar and kevlar/carbon composites is Pacer's Z-poxy. strong stuff too, i made a 70mm OD 3mm wall wound tube from kevlar strand that held my weight without crushing. a similar tube but 20mm with alternating radial and liniar layers of strand held up 175 pounds before giving way. and for the abraision resistance, ive tried cutting it with fiber discs on a dremmel and it eats the disc, even on thin pieces, nearly burnt out some high speed steel milling bits trying to shape a block of it.

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    22 USD.

    And no tail protector is planned.

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    The link to his store is included in the blog post click on the skywalker belly protection title under the first picture :-)

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