Skywalker X8 Honeycomb Composited Material on Sale

     Recently, Skywalker launch New Skywalker X8 that is made of new composite material instead of EPO material, aiming at satisfying customer's needs for professional mapping survey.




You could see the picture of this special material of Skywalker X8. No matter on the aspect of manufacturing technique or intensity, it has total different from former Skywalker X8. To a greater degree, it has improve a lot on flight performance.
I will introduce the specifications of this Skywalker X8(honey comb composite material).

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  • I noticed the inverted winglets and thought they were very odd. But I’m thinking “quadplane” so they might not be an issue.maybe they could even double up as landing skids?
  • I think no one has noticed that has inverted winglets.... not practical at all in the field, not even with parachute landings. 

  • If one of these ends up anywhere close to Sydney Australia please let me know. I'm really interested in purchasing one but I'd need to have a close look at it first.

  • I could offer some specifications to you which you could see more information there.

    Wing length:202cm

    Net weight:1.9KG

    Flying weight:5KG

  • Graham Dyer We caculate the dimension of this aircraft, you could see the picture as below:

    The Wing length is 225CM, The fuselage length is 79cm. I think there is no need to design the elevons to the tip of wing which could achieve good effect in the process of flying.

    If you wanna to buy, you could contact with me at my email or skype. My skype is



  • i want to see the face of the girl,nice girl?

  • Any links? with data \ price....

  • Moderator

    Estimated all-up-flying-weight, wing span, wing area and price?

    And why do the elevons not go all the way to the tip of the wing?

  • @ Guy Tzoler Yes, it has already started to sell out.

  • is it being sold already?

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