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  • Now you can fly to your flying ground, can't you?
    Great work.

  • Moderator

    As they say if it looks right it will fly right. Beautiful work.

  • You need to hang a big fat engine on the front of that beautiful aircraft. Avionics and paint wold be nice too. I wan't to see video when it flies! Great work!

  • The drawing was in MILLIMETERS, not centimeters!! ;-)
    I am going to follow this build! :-)
  • awsome

  • T3

    Once it's done it won't fit out the door.  LOL  Love the work, great job!

  • what i see is still unbelievable.

    great artwork!

  • Beautiful work! The FC will be an APM?

  • This forum is for UNmanned aircraft. This looks like a one-seater light aircraft. Haha.
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